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Comment Re:Do it, do it now! (Score 1) 114

I buy that. Even more to my point. Saving lives should be the last thing on anybody's mind.

That makes no sense at all. Early death has a huge negative impact on society at large. The way to demographic transition includes reducing unnecessary and random sickness and death, allowing people to expect to live their lives smoothly. Cancer takes people out when they are productive and contributing members of society. Ironically, one of the keys to reducing rapid population growth is to reduce death.

Comment Re:Rule the waves? (Score 1) 432

So really it looks like for some period the Royal Navy simply won't have the capability to fight other warships except with their seven submarines. This means they can't really contest command of the sea anywhere or project military power without assistance from the US.

Does it matter? Do they need to have a blue water navy capable of acting independently? Probably not, unless the US pulls out of NATO. Who would they need to contest command of the sea with? Russia did a little saber rattling recently in the channel, but it's only a matter of time before they run out of money too given Russia's dire economic situation.

If I was the Royal Navy, I would not be too worried about Russia, I'd worry about China. Why China? Because they are trying to take over the South China Sea, which means that any ships traveling through there will be controlled by them. Freedom of navigation, for commercial and scientific vessels, fishing, mining and drilling are all under threat, and, as a seafaring nation, Britain has a stake in maintaining it.

Comment Re:Please remove (Score 1) 302

It is the default for Office 365 Outlook Web mail. Which I use because I am a developer, which means I use Linux so I don't have Outlook. Microsoft has made Outlook web almost unusable at this point. And the contact list is even worse, now called 'People' with extra formatted information, head shots, icons, flags, etc. and not just a frigging list like I want.

Comment Re: It could increase mine sizes to offset a littl (Score 1) 231

Where are you going to get the money to buy that farmbot? The steel the robots used to build it isn't free, you know?

The steel will be very low cost, since it will also be produced by robots. I'm wondering about the end game here. When almost everything is automated, then the cost of goods is almost (but not quite) zero. So, everyone can have the basic necessities for almost nothing, which could be paid for with unemployment benefits (maybe?). The asymptotic result is 90+% of humanity getting necessities provided to them, with

Comment Why do this? (Score 4, Informative) 89

Ugh. Is it as good as Paint.net? If I want to do real work, I use Gimp or Photoshop. If its minor / quick, I use paint.net. That's been my go-to for years. I really, really don't think that they should be doing a 3D app until they get 2D right. Looking at the demo video, this latest iteration reminds me of TuxPaint!

Comment Re:Overstepping Constitutional authority (Score 5, Informative) 169

Do you really think that DHS is supposed to ignore a threat to the US? Space weather is not a new thing: See: https://www.dhs.gov/publicatio... . The Department of Commerce (i.e. NOAA) has been working on space weather for a long time. The Air Force has a whole group devoted to it. All these things have gone through the funding cycles and been part of the budget for a while. The executive order tells the different departments to coordinate and who does what to respond; this is all in implementation to a National Space Weather Strategy document which went through the normal cycle of drafting, public comments, and approval.

The idea that this came out of nowhere, is not funded, or is not part of the legally directed activities of the executive branch is just insane.

Comment Re:Overstepping Constitutional authority (Score 4, Interesting) 169

The Department of Homeland Securty is supposed to help protect the US, as funded by Congress. The Department of Commence, of which NOAA is a part, covers space weather, as funded by Congress. There is an office of science and technology policy (funded by Congress) that has the job of advising the government regarding science. They are have been working together to make strategy (see this NATIONAL SPACE WEATHER STRATEGY document.

The executive (i.e. Obama) is telling the different parts of government to implement the strategy. It coordinates the different parts of the government on which parts should do which things. They already have the budget and legal authority to do the things, but it requires coordination. Which is exactly what a chief executive should be doing.

Comment Re:laws huh? (Score 1) 194

The law is void from the day it was passed.

You don't have the court's DECLARATION that is was always void until the court gets around to it (if it ever does - like when you successfully fight it "all the way up to the Supreme Court" AND win there). But it's void, always was, and if the courts agree with you any penalties and such from the period between the passage and the declaration go "poof". (You may even be entitled to some compensation, though you're usually out your costs and suffering.)

That's absurd. That only works if you have a long-range crystal ball.

You have no idea what the Supreme Court is going to do with a law ten years from now. You're trying to run a business and not get screwed by the government and getting fined. Your lawyers look at a law and say 'well.... I think it might be unconstitutional, depending on who gets elected President in the next 3 elections'. You want to bet the company on that?

Lest you think I'm exaggerating about the time, the Voting Rights Act was the law of the land from 1965 to 2013 when big parts of it were declared unconstitutional. In another case, a private party can't get forced off their land via eminent domain to be given to another private party. That's flatly unconstitutional; you'd argue that a company has to fight against that and get their compensation. But in the Kelo decision, the Supreme Court ruled that it was not unconstitutional, so you'd be screwed.

You must live in a fantasy world where business decisions are black and white and the business can reasonably argue that they know what is consitutional and what is not. They don't, and can't afford to take that chance.

Comment Re:Irregularities (Score 2) 500

From what I read, the immunity deals were arranged in order to get their hands on the laptops in question. Why they didn't just use subpoena or search warrants is beyond me - unless the reason is the most obvious, which is a DOJ sponsored cover-up.

The most obvious reason is that they could not get subpoena or search warrants for those laptops. The emails were on a server (which got wiped,etc.). These are laptops and so might not have been covered by any warrants they could get. So the way to get to them was for the owners to agree to give them over with conditions.

Comment Re:Good. Hopefully destruction of evidence will... (Score 1) 500

What happened is not normal (i.e. everyone gets to do this). Real estate developers have a special callout in the tax code (see: https://www.law.cornell.edu/cf...) because they have paid off the Congress. The result is that qualified "real estate professionals" with certain other qualifications get to take 'net operating losses' that non professionals do not. NOL is not the same as capital loss.

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