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Submission + - Google says D-Wave Computer Up to 100 Million Times Faster than Regular Computer (

Beezlebub33 writes: The D-Wave computer has been controversial since it is not considered a true 'quantum computer'. However, in a recent blog post, Google recently announced that there are problems for which the D-Wave is much faster than standard computers. Venture Beat article for non-techies here. Research paper with lots of math at arxiv here.

Submission + - Latest Boston Dynamics robot is a biped (

Beezlebub33 writes: Boston Dynamics is probably best known for its BigDog (video). They have just release a video of their latest robot called PETMAN which is a bipedal robot, video here. It shows some of the same dynamics as BigDog, including reaction to perturbations (see video at 24 sec), though it's a push rather than a kick. Boston Dynamics says that the robot is for "testing chemical protection clothing". I'd like to know what it's really for.

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