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Comment Re:Conversion error (Score 1) 633

I questioned this difference one time. We aren't served "Pints", we have "Pints" (rhymes with squints). 14 Oz. Glasses. I feel ripped off after the many beers that I have paid for though the years. I thought I was getting a 16Oz pint when I was only getting 14Oz. I say we start a Glass Action Lawsuit and demand our beer we paid for back!

Submission + - Methanol experiment gone wrong hospitalizes 9th gr (

Pierre Bezukhov writes: The 9th grader is currently being treated at the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) in Minneapolis for second-degree burns to his face, neck and right hand.

This is not the first time that a school methanol experiment has gone horribly wrong.

In 2006, an experiment involving methanol severely burned two students at Western Reserve Academy. Both 15-years-old at the time, one student had burns over 18 percent of her body and another student had burns over 46 percent of her body.

The two eventually negotiated an $18.9 million settlement with the school.

Comment Re:5,000 machines, US$1M (Score 1) 621

I use to work for a private university, and I was proposing to install LCD's that would save their costs over the life of the monitor. This was a good idea and I had charts etc... Except on thing I was unaware of; The university was on a flat rate, so reducing the power usage didn't save the university anything. I wonder if this university was set up the same way, and if so the charges would be more likely for the stolen/borrowed equipment he had been *storing off-site* at his residence.

Comment Re:Water and... (Score 1) 828

Although you may not have catapulted sand, you could easily pour it while very hot(scalding) onto enemies, and think about how hard it would be to get out of your suit of armor, or even clothes. All the while burning away at your flesh. Now just think if "Fire Ants" were on the list..that would be the thing to pour on your foes!!!

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