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Comment Re:What do they hope to gain from all this? (Score 1) 282

Do you have any source for that? From what I can tell Samsung made 16.5 trillion won = 14.0745 Billion US Dollars Apple posted profits of 3.38, 3.07, 3.25, and 4.3 billion during 2010 = 13.977 Billion US Dollars. Those numbers are very similar and I do believe a chunk of Samsung's profits came from selling LCDs to Apple (so a bad relationship could easily hurt Samsung's profits while likely not costing apple that much more)


Comment Re:Wow.... (Score 2) 1173

It's against American roundabouts. Almost all the ones near where I live are too small (having seen them utilized effectively I Europe, ours are 25% of the size they should be) and/or are two lanes with particular turning rules that are only painted on the ground, force lane transitions, and are covered in snow during the winter meaning people who know what the ground says will be cursing the people that don't (and vice-versa). They really did take the worst features of each type of traffic flow and merge them into an abomination.

Comment Re:Business 101 (Score 1) 660

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If this thing is supposed to be a computer, I expect it to behave like one.

Can you imagine if HP, Dell, Asus, etc tried to tell you you are only allowed to install apps through their app stores on a computer you buy from them?

Exactly which iOS device is SUPPOSED to be a computer? There are phones. There are iPods. There are tablets. Not a single iOS device is marketed as a computer.

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