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Submission + - Nokia culls off SymSMB (

Barny writes: "After a great release several months back of V3.5 of their great SymSMB software, Telexy Networks has been ordered by Nokia to hand over the project due to two of the developers being Nokia employees. This strong arm tactic has left a lot of paying users of this great piece of software asking just "what are we going to get", considering they have paid for the development of the software which is now no longer available to either download or re-activate on a new handset. SymSMB was used to both browse and host windows networking shares of mobiles with built in wireless on the S60 platform."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Which linux and linux tools for retail?

Barny writes: "I work as an OS installer (builds and maintains OS install media and quality testing thereof) and have finally gotten the higher-ups go ahead to do a few test linux rigs for retail (they really liked the idea of undercutting the competition by removing the MS tax). Problem is this, what linux to use and what range of tools are available to "pre-install" them? Need to do some branding (mainly phone numbers for CS, things like that), setting of preferences and be able to manage changes easily."
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - WoW player banned due to blue movie career ( 1

Barny writes: "Actress Mia Rose (star of a few World of Whorecraft episodes) has found her gaming days ended in the MMOG WoW. Fans identified Ms Rose in-game and mentioned in a public chat channel her website, the usual Blizzard CS reaction, ban and ignore, then ensued and continues."

Submission + - Firefly MMOG

Barny writes: "Multiverse, makers of an upcoming customizable mmog engine, have secured the rights to produce an online saga in the firefly universe.
First reported by Wired News,I think we can all admit to the same feelings summed up by Tim Absath.

Man I hope they don't butcher this.

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