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Comment Re:Marketing is a four-letter word (Score 1) 195

Right, and so long as they are not storing any identifying information with the data, there really is no problem with it. You could have an opt-in to add extra data, unpopulated by default, but on the whole, if it is just telemetry, there shouldn't be a problem.

Oh, and a little poking at the guys who found it reveals this:

So basically, there is not an ounce of data in there that can point to a particular user, it is completely anonymous. Storm in a fucking teacup...

Comment Re:Shielding, jamming (Score 1) 385

Tip, all of these RFID systems (paywave, etc) use a magnetic field to power the device. Simply placing a sheet of tinfoil in the lining of whatever you have the card in (the slot in your wallet/purse) and that field will be suitably disrupted to make them impossible to read.

The commercial jamming solutions usually use a woven pouch with metal in it. There are also active jammers (see the video) that trigger on the magnetic field presence and then jam the spectrum the cards use.

It isn't quite a tinfoil hat, but in this case it works...

Comment Re:Everyone's favourites. (Score 1) 326

Duh, it is so HE has his passwords too.

I prefer keepass for this. Chrome + Firefox on windows 10 (chrome is only for youtube/netflix on my TV), firefox runs noscript.

Code editing is notepad++, text editing is via google docs, text writing is from LibreOffice.

Essential other software? The aforementioned keepass, steam, skype.

What it 'looks' like? Two 24" screens with a 24" TV in a quarter circle, my computer itself has its rear facing my keyboard in winter, facing the window in summer.

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