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Comment Re:Everyone's favourites. (Score 1) 325

Duh, it is so HE has his passwords too.

I prefer keepass for this. Chrome + Firefox on windows 10 (chrome is only for youtube/netflix on my TV), firefox runs noscript.

Code editing is notepad++, text editing is via google docs, text writing is from LibreOffice.

Essential other software? The aforementioned keepass, steam, skype.

What it 'looks' like? Two 24" screens with a 24" TV in a quarter circle, my computer itself has its rear facing my keyboard in winter, facing the window in summer.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 351

Sorry friend, can't do that.

As for the big question, absolutely not. No food from a laboratory should be eaten, ever. When they bring this tech to factories and 'farms' then yes, I will eat it without a qualm. The moment food is put into a lab, it ceases to be food and becomes an experiment.

Comment Re:Just redefine the word (Score 1, Insightful) 192

Wow, you are all over this thread. Okay, here goes. They had their ideas, they stored them on their own computers. Someone hacked into them and stole them. They stole their ideas, that were rigidly defined. They copied them, they took the copy they made and had it in their possession. That is stealing. Taking something that doesn't belong to you IS stealing. The whole 'denying it to the owner' argument is BS. If I steal something physical from someone, then give it back in perfect condition before they need to use it again, that is still stealing.

Comment Re: Game (Score 1) 192

Exfiltrated would be a better word. Illegally copying would be another few. Dangerously stupid yet more.

But understand this. As far as the majority of people would understand this, he 'stole' data. That is to say, the common definition for the word 'steal' includes copying something on a computer you do not have the right to.

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