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Comment Re:Gotta say (Score 1) 70

On the plus side, think of the opportunities for yanking their chains!

Me: Hey, wife! Did you use up the cocaine without replacing it?? You KNOW you're supposed to get more if you use up the last of it!

Wife: Husband, I haven't touched the coke in weeks. Either the kids or the dogs are getting into it. Or you're just blacked out from when you used the stuff up. In any case, there's still plenty of Ecstacy and Heroin, so I don't see what you're getting so excited about....

***and on and on for ten minutes or so, before turning to the football scores.....

Comment Re:More likely medical practice, not evolution (Score 1) 276

if cesarean became the normal method of delivery for an extended period of time (many generations) could humans end up at a point where natural birth was not possible?


Or not.

Such a situation would allow larger-brained humans to be born with increasing regularity. It would not require that larger-brained humans be born, just allow for the possibility.

Would that qualify as "evolution"? *I* think so, but I am not an evolutionary biologist, so what do I know?

Comment Trump's spending binge?? (Score 1) 255

As I recall, Congress is the one who spends money, not the President. All the President can do is ask Congress to spend money like a drunken sailor.

And with the general dislike of Trump on both sides of the aisle, I'm not seeing much inclination for Congress to let The Donald go on a spending binge....

Comment Re:Provide this at the state level (Score 2) 278

So, tab out, read the Tenth Amendment, then go through the body of the Constitution and find the text discussing education as a Federal Power. Then get back to me...

Since education isn't mentioned at all in the Constitution, I think it's pretty safe to say that the 10th means it's not something the Feds have any business doing....

Comment Re:DEA already has rescheduled and overruled itsel (Score 1) 150

Actually, their constitutional authority to exist is that the Executive Branch calls them into existence to execute the provisions of laws passed by the Legislative branch.

It took a constitutional amendment to ban alcohol, and that amendment has been repealed. This leaves no authority for any branch of the government to prohibit the manufacture, sale, or use of any drug. Any act of the congress that purports to do so is not a law at all, it is as James Madison would describe it, a usurpation.


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