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Comment Re:The Witcher 3 (Score 4, Informative) 99

Witcher 2 had DRM for about 48hrs, and then the developers removed it because it was hurting legitimate customers.

It was an awkward situation. CD Projeckt (a publisher, and the parent company of CD Projekt RED) distributed The Witcher 2 in Poland and internationally through GOG.com. But they needed the help of international publishers to sell retail in other parts of the world, so they signed up with Bandai Namco and Atari to publish the game elsewhere. (Apparently Polish laws make it nearly impossible for them to handle international distribution themselves, which is the main reason they registered their subsidiary, GOG.com, outside Poland)

Anyway, although CD Projekt is firmly anti-DRM, one or both of these other publishers decided to slap DRM onto the files that they distributed, more because of internal policy than any practical reason. The DRM broke the game and made CD Projekt look like hypocrites, so they quickly released a patch to repair all the files broken by the DRM, which inevitably disabled the DRM in the process. I believe the publishers who broke the game sued them for fixing it, but CDP won that case. Unfortunately Bandai Namco won another lawsuit forcing CDP to make the game more expensive for Australians instead of making it the same price everywhere.

If you bought The Witcher 2 from GOG it never had DRM in the first place, and no matter where you bought the game you could go to gog.com/witcher/backup to redeem a complimentary GOG version for yourself.

Comment Re:Misunderstood (Score 3, Informative) 113

Agreed. I read the article and it's... basically just trying to stir up panic over nothing.

NPAPI had a good run. It was made in 1995 and was used by Chrome, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Firefox, Opera and many other browsers (obviously not in that order). But it's been showing its age for a long time, and most browsers have dropped support for it years ago - Firefox keeps it alive purely because of Flash. But Flash is also implemented for the Pepper API, so if they can get enough of Pepper implemented to run Flash through that then they can finally ditch NPAPI. The alternative would be to invest a fortune inventing a whole new Mozilla-specific architecture just for Flash on Firefox and hope that Adobe still cares enough about both Flash and Firefox to reimplement the plugin for them - not likely.

Getting PDFium to work was the proof-of-concept for a minimal Pepper implementation on Firefox. Just enough Pepper API to run Flash is the end goal for now. Maybe they'll eventually decide to do a full Pepper implementation, but I don't think that's a concern for now.

This doesn't mean they plan to replace PDF.js with PDFium (which doesn't mean that they won't do so; I hope they don't, because PDF.js has been working very well for me and doesn't require any plugins)

Comment Re:And how many (Score 1) 153

Well, for the subset of Steam users who choose to participate in the survey. In principle, that group is more-or-less representative of all Steam users unless there's some correlation between avoiding the upgrade and not participating in the survey.

I do wish Steam that would add report the sample sizes of their surveys so we can actually draw useful statistical information from them. (If they actually do report the sample sizes then I'd be grateful if somebody were to point out where)

Comment Re:Does it.. (Score 2) 129

Yes, it does. You can enable it by right-clicking on the toolbar and ticking the "Menu Bar" option. To make the menu bar a fixture rather than appearing only when you press alt. When the menu bar is enabled in this way you can still toggle its visibility by pressing F10.

Personally I find the menu bar occupying a whole row on its own to be a waste of space, so I install the Personal Titlebar extension, which allows me to use the "Customise" screen to add a page title next to the menu.

Here's what my browser looks like at the moment.

Comment Re:EXTRA EXTRA! (Score 1) 217

iPHONE 9 TO DO AWAY WITH PHONE ITSELF. APPLE States it will be the lightest device they have ever sold!

Box contents: 100% Fresh hipster air


That's nothing! (literally and figuratively) Samsung is already planning to release the Galaxy H2, which is even lighter than fresh hipster air* because it's a sealed container of hydrogen**.

* provided that the ambient air pressure is at least 0.072 atm
** Keep away from fire. Samsung claims no responsibility for hydrogen explosions

Comment WSUS Offline (Score 4, Informative) 405

We'll see what happens, but for now I've taken the precaution of using WSUS Offline to download all updates as of today. If I ever need to install Windows 7 again I have my original disc (and backed up ISO on cloud storage) and I can use the update installer from WSUS Offline to apply the updates I downloaded without ever needing to put the computer on the Internet. (And yes, this tool lets you add specific updates to an exclusion list so that they don't get installed).

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