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Comment Re:Bad engineers are bad (Score 1) 1001

See, that's exactly the kind of answer I'd hope to get from someone who says they know Python. They actually understand what it means in Python to be a string, and how its quirks relate to the language. "I can look it up on stack overflow" is a fine answer for a mediocre high school grad if that's all you need.

Comment Re:Bad engineers are bad (Score 1) 1001

All languages (worth talking about) are turing complete. At some point you "know" all the languages and just have to look up the specific implementation. It doesn't mean you know how to write and debug good code efficiently. There's a big difference between knowing a language and copying and pasting some snippets together from stackoverflow.

Comment Bad engineers are bad (Score 1) 1001

You don't know how to get the length of a string in Python? That's OK, provided you don't claim to know Python.

Some people seem to think that they're a capable engineer if they can look it all up on the internet / stack overflow. Sorry, I'd rather fail your interview and hire the guy who wrote the book or the stack overflow post.

Even if you can get the same results, which I doubt, stopping every 5 minutes to read up on core competencies of your job is going to be way slower than the person who is good enough to know it and apply it in the right place at the right time.

I've worked with folks who've claimed there textbook bad code is fine because "I've been doing it that way for 30 years". That doesn't make you a master of your field, it means you're lucky to have fooled management for that long.

Comment Engineers are worth it (Score 2) 587

As having worked in tech in another country, and moved to the US to work in tech, it's 100% to do with the US understanding the value of the engineers. Among my other expat acquaintances, it's not just my old country, either.

A couple of good engineers can pull off the next google, instagram, Facebook etc. Folks in the US know this and harness that power. Other countries see an computer engineering degree like an accounting degree. Until other countries clue in, the US will continue to be a power house.

Comment Interesting definition of better. (Score 1) 269

I love the the post talks Siri, which macOS has, which is a competitor to Windows' Cortana. It opens with talking about how his friend/sister/whatever uses Siri on their phone. But Linux is unequivocally better, despite missing this feature.

Yes, not everyone loves it, it's easy to see as a gimmick but it's really hard to claim Linux is 100% better when it's missing this feature discussed in the article itself. Someone out there thinks it's important, too -- over a year ago it was answering a billion questions a week, just for iPhone users ( Surely Android + Windows + iPhone + Mac is way more than that now.

Comment Re:This was stupid. (Score 1) 74

Not only that, but even if customers did want it, computer electronics says it can't work. Power supplies and busses are boring things, but they make advancements every generation. You upgrade your camera to more megapixels and you have to switch out your power supply and bus to something not compatible with the old modules. Or you stagnate these things and you miss out on future throughput and efficiency gains. Now you're lowering frame rates and burning a bunch of power just for compatibilities sake. Integration matters. Ara was always a garbage project.

Comment Outdated phone software drive sales... away (Score 2) 190

The summary says "If your phone isn't updated, it will start to feel old, so you're more likely to buy a new phone sooner". If you don't make your users happy by keeping them updated, Android isn't tied to one vendor, they can just as easily be driven to another handset vendor the next time. Better to have all your customers update 50% less often than to lose half of them to the company that cares about its customers.

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