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Interesting definition of better.  Wednesday October 19, 2016 @06:43PM 1 1
   attached to OMGUbuntu: 'Why Use Linux?' Answered in 3 Short Words
These all sound great!  *Tuesday October 04, 2016 @08:08PM 1 2
   attached to Google Gets Serious About Home Automation: Unveils Google Home, Actions on Google and Google Wifi
Re:OOooOOOooh! They got CAUGHT!  *Monday September 19, 2016 @04:49PM 1 1
   attached to Samsung's Latest Note 7 Battery Fix Violates Android Compatibility Docs
Re:This was stupid.   *Friday September 02, 2016 @12:19PM 1 1
   attached to Google Cancels Project Ara Modular Smartphone Plans, Says Report
Outdated phone software drive sales... away  *Tuesday August 23, 2016 @12:47PM 3 2
   attached to Hey Google, Want To Fix Android Updates? Hit OEMs Where It Hurts
A massive privacy infringement  *Friday March 25, 2016 @06:45PM  -1, Flamebait
   attached to Bill Introduced To Require ID When Purchasing "Burner Phones"
He's in on it!  *Tuesday January 26, 2016 @08:54PM  2
   attached to Math Says Conspiracies Are Prone To Unravel
Geography much?  *Thursday January 07, 2016 @08:37PM 2 2
   attached to Cuba's Nationwide Sneakernet: a Model For Developing Nations?
Since when was speed a problem for PostgreSQL?  *Thursday December 03, 2015 @03:54PM 5 2
   attached to Why To Choose PostgreSQL Over MySQL, MariaDB
This won't solve anything  *Thursday November 19, 2015 @07:21PM  2
   attached to Manhattan DA Pressures Google and Apple To Kill Zero Knowledge Encryption
Re:Follow the money  *Wednesday November 18, 2015 @03:04PM 4 4, Insightful
   attached to Another Crowd-funded Drone Project Collapses
s/Movie//  *Friday October 16, 2015 @01:09PM  2
   attached to Why You Should Be Suspicious of Online Movie Ratings
How about more offensive public mailing lists?  *Tuesday October 06, 2015 @06:47PM 4 5, Funny
   attached to Getting More Women Coders Into Open Source
Re:Why so complicated?  *Thursday August 27, 2015 @02:30AM  1
   attached to Why Modular Smartphones Are Such a Nightmare To Develop
Well I'm sold  *Friday August 21, 2015 @02:32PM  2
   attached to Jeb Bush Comes Out Against Encryption
What does this mean for miners?  *Tuesday August 18, 2015 @08:20PM  1
   attached to Bitcoin Fork Divides Community
I applaud this  *Thursday July 16, 2015 @09:00PM 5 5, Funny
   attached to Gun-Firing Drone Raises Some Eyebrows
Many rotations input, lots of force on the output?  *Tuesday July 07, 2015 @02:23AM  1
   attached to Extreme Reduction Gearing Device Offers an Amazing Gear Ratio
Eureka!  *Thursday June 25, 2015 @03:22PM  1
   attached to High-Fat, High-Sugar Diet Can Lead To Cognitive Decline
Fighting it only makes it worse  *Thursday June 18, 2015 @02:44PM  1
   attached to Ask Slashdot: Are There Any Search Engines Left That Don't Try To Think For Me?
Bootstrap problem  *Monday May 04, 2015 @01:22PM  1
   attached to Accessibility In Linux Is Good (But Could Be Much Better)
Only 10% great managers?  *Thursday April 30, 2015 @03:57PM 3 1
   attached to Yes, You Can Blame Your Pointy-Haired Boss On the Peter Principle
Re:So What  *Monday March 30, 2015 @07:08PM 4 2
   attached to Poverty May Affect the Growth of Children's Brains
What about CPU microcode?  *Thursday January 29, 2015 @09:04PM 2 2
   attached to FSF-Endorsed Libreboot X200 Laptop Comes With Intel's AMT Removed

Steve Jobs said two years ago that X is brain-damaged and it will be gone in two years. He was half right. -- Dennis Ritchie