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Comment Re:Tell them to reimburse you (Score 2) 1307

Tell them that the second they reimburse you for the server they can not only get a login, but they can become responsible for its maintenance and security and they had better be sure it has a solid uptime. That only seems reasonable. :-)

Nope, I'd just quietly get the MAC and blacklist it. No network traffic for you. If I'm asked to buy a CalDAV server, I'll buy real server hardware and run it in a real server room. Not under some guy's desk where the custodial staff can kick the cable.

If you're feeling REALLY confident about your value to the hospital, feel free to bet on your clout. But if that's the case, Management probably would have paid for the server if you asked.

The Internet

Submission + - China Says No More Internet Cafes

eldavojohn writes: "For many Chinese, internet access just got a little bit harder to acquire. For better or for worse, China will not be allowing anymore internet cafes to open this year. There are 113,000 internet cafes in China which serve as connection points for communities where personal internet connections are clearly not within the means given an average income. Considering recent stories and trends the Chinese government is taking, they aren't fooling around with 'protecting' their people from the 'forbidden fruit' of the internet."

Submission + - RIAA going after Internet Radio

scopius writes: As reported this morning in The Wall Street Journal, the RIAA is now pushing Congress to hike royalty rates for Internet Radio. Tim Westergreen, co-founder of, claims that this action will shut down Pandora, along with many other internet radio stations. The rates set by the board are .08 cents per song per listener, and this rate is in addition to royalties already paid to the songwriters of the works. Up until this point, these stations had been paying a flat fee, but these new rates will be much larger than revenues for most stations. One interesting point is that normal radio doesn't have to pay anything like this rate, they only pay the songwriters royalties, according to the article.

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