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Comment Re:Not surprised (Score 1) 118

The stable ABI is what created most of the mess in Windows. Listing this as a shortcoming of Linux shows you have no idea what you're talking about. A huge mass of badly maintained binary only drivers is not a good thing, it's an incredible liability.

Drivers need to be maintained. The only way to ensure that is to have their maintenance be part of the kernel maintenance. A stable ABI would directly counteract this.

And Microsoft keeps doing transgressions. They haven't washed out their stripes. They've just been slapped on the wrist enough to not be blatant about it.

Comment Re:FBI hack should not be made public (Score 1) 346

The case is not only extreme, it is valueless. When law enforcement knows that much about the situation, they already know what to do. The contents on the iPhone will not help them at all.

That illustrates no conflict at all. The answer is clear; privacy wins in this case. There exist no guarantees at all that the bomb exists, that the iPhone contains anything which will help defuse it, or that the information on the iPhone even is correct.

And if the bomb exists, and law enforcement have been so mind bogglingly incompetent that getting inside the iPhone is the only way to locate it, then the answer is to get less mind bogglingly incompetent law enforcement. Not to destroy the privacy of every iPhone owner in the world.

Comment Re:Shows the limits of freedom (Score 1) 1095

Who's freedom is more important? The transgendered woman who looks like a bearded, burly man who wants to use the men's room, or the women, who wants that bearded burly person in their women's room?

Oh wait, that's not what the women want! They want the obviously man looking person to go to the men's room. But the law prohibits that.

Is that really the majority rule?

Comment Re:Blackmail to allow perverted activities? (Score 2) 1095

Your arguing AGAINST this new NC law.

Under the law, someone who was born a woman but now looks like a burly, bearded man HAS TO use the bathroom together with your wife.

The law FORBIDS that person from using the men's room, and DEMANDS that person walks in with your wife.

If she says "please leave, this is the woman's bathroom", she is in breach of the law.

Comment Re:No winners here. (Score 1) 379

The concept of "single binary" is misleading. Computer science doesn't even include formal definitions for that concept, so it is not at all something basic. And frankly, I don't even understand what you mean by that in the context of distribution. I suspect that neither do you.

What this is about is distribution of various executable files. At the core is the question if one executable (zfs.ko) is derived from or to be considered a part of another executable (the kernel) *during distribution*. What happens at runtime is immaterial.

Comment Re:Crypto? (Score 1) 521

The Paris attacks *are* the least of our worries. Just look at what happens in the Middle East as the various sects of Islam duke it out. Look at what happens when Islam becomes the state religion in a country.

Fact remains, the core books of christianity contain concepts of forgiveness and giving up on violent ways. The core book of islam contains nothing of the kind. Yes, holy books are always used to support extremism, but that does not make them all the same. Ignoring the difference between the core books is worse than counterproductive; it is foolish and a path leading to our doom.

Comment Re:Crypto? (Score 1) 521

Specifics? Lots. Start here.


The core book of Christianity contains the new testament, which abolishes the old testament, and supercedes the passages you linked to. There is no such thing in Islam. Nothing trumps the quran.

As to nuance in approaching Islam, that is haram. Anyone with a nuanced approach to Islam is a heretic.

Comment Re:Bollocks (Score 1) 521

Stop claiming that the rest of the world are gullible idiots. The US government couldn't conspire to arrange a trip to the toilet. There's no way they could arrange - and keep secret - something like blowing up their own buildings.

That they could munge up their intelligence enough to let a bunch of terrorists do it though, that's more in line with the generally accepted capability of the US government.

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