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Comment Re:Skyrim video is fake (Score 1) 134

The is shit in crowd need to have their balls stomped on after being set on fire.

Most OS are designed to run on actual hardware. Virtualization is great for servers where the primary focus is the NIC(s) and not the GPU(s).

ie : Stop trying to expect great performance when you are trying to fit a square cube through a small round hole.

Yes ... BUT ONLY for type 2 hypervisors. VirtualBox, VMWare Player/Workstation are both crappy and horrible hypervisors which do not access hardware directly and use buggy drivers on the guest OSes and then use a bugger host wrapper to communicate with the host drivers and OS.

Type 1 hypervisors such as KVM support gaming with full hardware access.Shoot Linus went crazy and got 7 freaking +90 FPS battle going with 7 AMD video cards with full native performance!

So yes with a right hypervisor such as Hyper-V Win10 pro anniversary edition, VMWare ESX, and KVM you can use the OS very close to the bare metal as a type 1 hypervisor goes underneath the os at ring -1 inside the CPU.

KVM is free and so are some tools and Hyper-V is there for cheap if you use Windows Home or free if you have Windows 10 pro to run ReactOS.

Comment Re:LOOKS good, but what can it do? (Score 1) 134

I would be so very grateful to the ReactOS community if I could run Office (2007 is fine), Zotero and some version of SolidWorks on it. I don't even dare to install ReactOS to try, as the disappointment would be crushing. Basically, I hope to not be forced to install Windows 10.

I think a VM would be better suited. Unfortunately Virtualbox maybe but it is a shitty type2 hypervisor and so is the now no longer developered VMWare workstation.

I seen a commercial version of KVM on linustechtips where he ran up to 7 virtual machines with full GPU access on a monster Xeon box running Windows 10 guests with some AMD Nano's all running with the native win64 Crimson drivers too!

KVM lacks a gui, but if it supports direct access to the hardware you can run your Windows OS as a guest with all it's drivers. The commerical KVM package had a tool to make an image off a hard disk and turn it into a VM too under Linux.

Perhaps this would be your best bet in a couple years once KVM and more gui tools come out if you want to continue to use your Windows 7 setup (with internet now turned off) as a guest inside a Linux OS host. Ram is cheap and another SSD is cheap these days too so you can keep your existing disk?

Comment Re:NTFS (Score 1) 134

And why should they? What is so great about NTFS apart from it being ancient and slow? Even Microsoft was hoping to abandon it in Vista, but the replacement fell victim to the scaling down of the (overly ambitious) objectives.

Gee I don't know. Perhaps people may want to read their data they created from Windows.

Comment the right to free everything and everyone (Score 1) 171

We're not talking about rights. we're talking about freedom.

Not having the freedom to put graffiti on your fence is less freedom. Obviously I don't have the right to do such a thing, but it is a reduction of my freedom. (hopefully that analogy helps you understand the difference between a right and a freedom)

Now that is out of the way. If I cannot incorporate your code into my project without changing my license to match yours, then I have less freedom. (you can use the physical sense of the word, as in degrees of freedom, if that helps you understand.). You failed to grant me the right to do as I please with your code. Instead of a gift, you have shared something you made with some strings attached.

That's fine. I don't blame you for not giving me gifts. But my code is a gift to you. I expect nothing in return, I do not expect you to reciprocate and carry on with the gift-giving. I only hope that it brings you some happiness or ease in your life. If my code saves you an hour of work on a project, an hour you could spend with your family, then that is really the highest measure of success in my opinion.

Comment Re:The problem with GPL (Score 1) 171

But I agree, in order to maintain membership of my community, to give up some of what I make to pay property taxes and income taxes. This Law and Order has the same effect, it doesn't allow me to "keep whatever money [I] make". Is it extortion, or a healthy functional civilization, its not always to obvious.

So in the analogy, is BSD license Law and Order and GPL the thug?

Comment Re: It's research... (Score 1) 134

Tee hee! Back in the day, one of the points I made to the old farts was that I had passed the 20 WPM exam and had my K6BP call to show for it, but refused to use the code on the air until the requirement was gone. Nobody spat at me or punched me out, the worst that ever happened was a poor behaving slim using my call and a postcard from the ARRL observer who thouht it was me.

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