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Comment Re:Yes still a dream (Score 1) 133

2 the FAA will require a pilots license

This flying jet ski is supposedly an ultralight; a true single seat ultralight requires no license to fly (assuming it meets the requirements of Part 103 for an ultralight aircraft).

The jet ski/ultralight part isn't enough to save you. You might want to refamiliarize yourself with all of Part 103, not merely the literal text:

The position of the FAA has consistently been that these vehicles may be operated for sport and recreation purposes only. The justification for allowing the operation of these vehicles without requiring aircraft and pilot certification has been that this activity is a ''sport" generally conducted away from concentrations of population and aircraft operations. Like any sport, the participants are viewed as taking personal risks which do not affect others not involved in the activity.

You're free to use your "no license to fly" vehicle in the middle of nowhere, but you're not going to be flying it over a recreational lake where people are boating, fishing, swimming, hanging out at their lakefront property, etc.

103.15 Operations over congested areas.
No person may operate an ultralight vehicle over any congested area of a city, town, or settlement, or over any open air assembly of persons.

The FAA's position is based on the fact that ultralight vehicles are not certificated as airworthy by any approved method and are flown by uncertificated pilots for sport or recreational purposes only. Similar limitations apply to the operations of experimental and restricted category aircraft based on catastrophic incidents which have occurred in the past....The FAA believes that concentrations of the general public must be protected from the possible dangers inherent in the operations of vehicles of uncertificated, possibly unproven designs. In specific limited instances, with appropriate operational limitations, ultralight operations may be approved over congested areas, through the waiver provisions of Â103.5.

Guess what, the FAA doesn't even like licensed pilots in certified aircraft cruising over recreational lakes. The moment the flying jet ski begins to regularly come into contact with regular jet skis, and everything else, you're going to see licensing added to part 103. Idiots and their drones made aircraft licensing mandatory for anything a bit more than half a pound (250 grams). A multi-hundred pound combination of aircraft and idiot will be a cinch to make GP's prediction come true.

Comment Re:A few ideas (Score 1) 93

Why would I need to ping my neighbors to decide if my internet connection is working? I was saying when you call Comcast and report your connection is down, rather than instating on sending someone to your home between the months of June and July, THEY should try to other modems near you first to see if it's more likely a line problem.

Comment Re:A few ideas (Score 1) 93

Comcast knows the MAC of every modem connected to their system and the associated account and service address. They HAVE to. So it's a simple matter of a database lookup. The customer doesn't get to control anything on the cable side of the modem so they can't block the ping (Which I believe is more akin to arping anyway).

So they know your address and they know the MAC addresses of the other modems on the same cable segment. Where's the problem?

Comment A few ideas (Score 5, Insightful) 93

First and foremost, when a customer says they're down, try to ping other modems in the same neighborhood. If those are down too, roll a line truck. Do not claim it must be a problem at their house.

Re-emphasize in training, if any light other than network activity is flashing on the modem, it is not a problem with their computer, don't try to sell them on paid Windows support, especially when they say they don't have Windows.

If the customer is using words you are unfamiliar with such as traceroute or ping, just elevate the call to someone who understands the problem.

Submission + - Yesterday's Broad Power Outage Likely Caused By Geomagnetic Storm (

schwit1 writes: Yesterday, a massive US power grid failure was seen across the entire United States in one simultaneous fashion. San Fransisco, New York, and Los Angeles were the three main areas that were hit the hardest. Each of the areas experienced challenges or shut downs in business commerce. Also, basic infrastructure such as communication networks, mass transportation, and supply chains experienced challenges. To many this seemed apocalyptic with anaylst citing possible cyber attacks amid mounting geopolitical turmoil across the globe. We're shocked that mainstream media didn't revive the failing Russian narrative for another round of fake news to confuse the masses. Personally, I don't think it was a cyber attack or the Russians, but more of a Space Weather Event.

Space weather refers to the environmental conditions in Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere and thermosphere due to the Sun and the solar wind that can influence the functioning and reliability of spaceborne and ground-based systems and services or endanger property or human health.

Comment Re:The problem with your explanation (Score 4, Interesting) 306

Query: Why would those arguments even exist, considering that the vast majority of the levees, dams, and canals we have today were built during the Great Depression as jobs programs, viz the WPA. Last I checked, these programs was spawned by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and LA's governor at the time (who happily agreed) was the infamous Huey Long... neither of whom were members of the party you seek to demonize.

Maybe it would benefit you to realize that the problems in TFA were caused by misguided engineering efforts held throughout the first half of the 20th century?

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