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Comment Re:I bet half the people who said "C" actually (Score 3, Insightful) 252

Forcing projects to C avoids possible bugs and unreadable code from cowboy programmers on your team using some of the more esoteric features of C++.

This ! I've been working in several embedded systems companies, and we always have avoided C++ precisely because of this.

It also is a requirement for embedded systems, which includes everything for an arduino and their bigger cousins.

(OTOH not really this, I'm seeing more high-level languages, even JS, everywhere)

Comment Re:Love it. Love it. Love it. (Score 2) 85

I can't wait until everything is routed over USB-C.

You don't get it. Everything will be routed through USB-C, but it will be only one protocol at a time. So you will have to carefully choose your port, cable and device that go together if you ever want Displayport, Thunderbolt, HDMI or whatever else which isn't plain USB working correctly.

Comment Re:No problem (Score 1) 164

But the main "problem" (if you want to consider it so) with Android is that it's a FOSS platform. Apple and Microsoft heavily strangle their respective closed platforms so that OEMs and carriers can't do anything to interfere with Apple's and Microsoft's business (aside from, in the case of Windows, pre-installing bloatware). But since anybody can legally install Android on anything, Google can't use the same kind of leverage. Well, that's a good thing, I say. It means I'm not on Google's leash.

Ubuntu is also a FOSS platform, and it has no problem updating without the PC manufacturer consent.

Comment Re: How will they then migrate to south in summer? (Score 1) 423

Look at what happens in smartphones. The battery isn't getting much better, but the phones (for the same task) do need less power. That's in part hidden because we use them more (not just for a few phone calls) and apps are getting power-hungry, but they're far more power-efficient than before. Incremental steps will give us cars with 1000km autonomy in a decade from now.

Comment Re:Saftey & Planning (Score 3, Informative) 55

An experienced glider pilot has one more vairometer to use - his own posterior. One can feel speed changes in it :)

Nope. As you say it, own own posterior is an accelerometer, measuring the speed changes, NOT a variiometer, measuring the speed i.e. the position change. You're one derivative wrong.

Piloting without vario is easy to do when you have visual cues around to help assessing your vertical speed, but when higher up in the sky it's really difficult to tell the difference between a steady +1m/s and -1m/s. (World class paraglider competition pilot here, and from the few flights I did in sailplane it's not much different).

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