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Comment Re: This is why you need redundancy and backups. (Score 1) 61

Oh a link on the internet, well that's proven that then.

A link to a known speed testing website.

Besides, that link doesn't even make any sense, you claim you're on a 200Mbps connection, but that speed test shows over 200Mb/s.

Like I'm going to complain if it's slightly more.

To hit 203Mb/s as you claim via your speedtest, you'd actually need a 1.6Gbps connection.

Anyone sensible these days referring to Internet connection speeds are talking about the speeds they can get on the Internet.

But if you want to know more about the Virgin Media aspect, I believe it's using EuroDOCSIS v3.0 currently, there is a nice little table on Wikipedia showing the connection through-puts on

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 61

the line BT provided is basically a bit of wet string. It just barely scrapes though the minimum requirement so they won't fix it.

If you're certain that's the problem (because the only reason why I was able to tell issue was, was because of a neighbor's connectivity)...

I was able to get BT Openreach to replace a line for a friend of mine (even though they said nothing was wrong with it) up to the master socket for 150GBP, they had a call out fee of 130GBP on top though.

Now, if your LLU provider (my friend's wasn't) is any good, they should be able to arrange that for you and get the call out fee waived at the very least.

Comment Re:So (Score 1) 61

For many a BT line is the only choice.

Maybe for the last mile from the cabinet. Even when I was living in the middle of nowhere in Somerset, I was able to get Local Loop Unbundled providers (Sky is one of the biggest LLUs, but their stuff is aging [ADSL only], Andrew and Arnold [ADSL+, line bondings etc] which is typically more expensive will go to the effort of installing equipment in your cabinet and exchange to provide you service outside of BT's backhaul).

Comment Re:This is why you need redundancy and backups. (Score 1) 61

I wish they would stop pissing around with DSL and just lay in some fibre.

Honestly, I think BT's issues are more to do with the fact that BT openreach doesn't have a greater self autonomy, which lead to certain decisions that benefit BT more-so than everyone.

In fact my ex in Japan had a symmetric 100/100 fibre connection back in 2005, eleven years ago, for less than I pay to get 50/15 VDSL now.

I have friends in Japan that can't even get a landline and have to rely on mobile Internet, so, I would imagine your ex is where I am now, in a sweet spot for Internet connectivity. I don't even pay full price because I negotiate with the sales persons and sign yearly contracts. Symmetric lines though would be really nice, it's why I prefer my BT line (more upload).

NEC offered to install fibre to the home everywhere, but because the government was chummy with BT's management they didn't get it.

Didn't NEC want more money with their proposal?

Comment Re: "All services have been restored" (Score 1) 61

How many times are you going to post that you have 2 internet connections at home?

I have allocated a quota of 13.

Also BT doesn't use PPPoE it uses PPP over ATM like most of the rest of the UK ADSL market.

I'm on VDSL, not ADSL and when you use the BT openreach modem, it provides a PPPoE tunnel for any router you connect to it.

Ash Fox, the guy whose female friend have him a place to live and he couldn't resist wearing her underwear.

I think you're confusing me for someone else, I live with my boyfriend and sometimes we share underwear!

I see you still have the same superior attitude backed up by a complete lack of actual knowledge...

If you were knowledgeable and read my other posts, you would have noted that my speeds are beyond ADSL capabilities and wouldn't have made such a silly response.

Comment Re:"All services have been restored" (Score 1) 61

The outage lasted a LOT longer than 75 minutes.

I expect downtime, which is precisely why I have two separate Internet connections at home that run on separate infrastructure (BT's Infinity, Virgin Media's VIVID) and if I have to, I could connect my Vodafone 4G dongle, but my router isn't setup for that currently. Honestly, switched over within the first 5 minutes and had no problems the rest of the day.

tried repeatedly to get into BT webmail all morning

I'm shocked you use BT webmail though, it's never had a good track record and doesn't that lock you in as far as ISPs go?

The BT-supplied router, the fornicating clunky useless and slow Home Hub 5, does not allow you to put in your own DNS servers.

If you can get the BT openreach modem, you can put any router that supports PPPoE on it.

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