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Comment Re:DUH! (Score 1) 60

I suspect the actual list would be C B A (for people with cable), or B A C (for those without).

It only impacted sales by 10%, and I don't see people not paying for cable paying for shows (I type this as someone that has once, but probably won't again, the price was just too steep).

There's a lot of entertainment out there, and very little of it is must watch (which I'm defining as enough people in your social circle watch it knew that you need to watch it when you can talk about it).

Until online ads get the same money per viewer as TV ads it won't really work though (and I really don't get why they don't, in theory they should be more targeted and pay more).

Comment Re:Mobile websites & apps suck (Score 3, Insightful) 102

The worst feature I find on mobile sites is the fact that instead of paging you just keep scrolling to view items.

Then when I click on something to add to cart and click back I need to scroll for two minutes to get back where I was on the list.

Why they don't let me load all on one page, or page through the items like on desktop sites is beyond me.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 472

I don't buy that argument across the board.

It'd be true in a truly open and free market, but government granted monopolies (IP protections) allow certain things to be priced not in a way that just surpasses break even enough to be worth it, but instead at the highest price people are willing to pay.

Yes, at the supermarket, a corporate tax is passed along, but not for something like a drug company.

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