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Comment Re:Not strictly Excel's fault (Score 1) 319

I just tested this,

A CSV file didn't let me adjust import types in Excel (2007), but I did a tab delimited text and imported a column of numbers as text, then changed it to numbers, and the behavior was not as in Libre Office. I tested in Libre, and it was indeed a huge pain.

Comment Re:The age of subscription services (Score 1) 534

Not worth it to me.

I pay Hulu $4/month to remove ads, and don't regret it at all. Their ads were way more annoying than Facebook's too, but $7 seems a little ridiculous.

Honestly, I don't mind Facebook ads much at all, and even have seen some useful ones. They let you block advertisers that suck too.

Comment Re:The only challenge (Score 1) 534

Google+ failed because it was too forced.

I was really sad to see Buzz go, which I used with a small circle of friends.

If they had kept Buzz, slowly building it, I think they would have had a chance.

Use Buzz as the core, keeping it as a gmail folder (if wanted), thus making it hard to block, integrate Picassa, so it was an easy way to share and organize photos, maybe integrate Wave (with a touch less real timeness) for posting, and you end up with the core of a nice social network.

Instead they eliminated Buzz, turned Picassa into the confusing Google Photos, and put the social aspect somewhere else.

I don't know who's idea it was, but it was a stupid idea, and not how social networks grow (forcing everyone onto it and hoping they use it instead of making it something people want to use that fits into their life).

Comment Re:Jet is a real site? (Score 1) 98

It's never happened to me, but it's something I'm away of happening (small pre-checked box to sign up for a savings club or some such).

It looks like Hey did actually do that in the past, so my feel of the site's vibe was correct.

One thing I do to mitigate risk is bit do business with what feels like fake businesses, and the constant ways they pushed extra discounts were part of that.

Also that they specifically wanted a debit card seemed a little shaky to me.

Comment Re: Don't buy a Mac for Specs. (Score 1) 472

But if what you need is space to put things, the bigger truck is far more valuable.

I suspect most people don't benifit from either though (people always ask how I use the screen with everything so small, I tell them I let my face closer when I can't read it), but the faster processor has limited use to me (I do low end video encoding at times, and wouldn't mind playing newer games), but screen real-estate was a big deal, and an ssd isn't bad.

Comment Re: Don't buy a Mac for Specs. (Score 1) 472

Yeah, and you get a delete key, and lint screen, probably page up and down too.

I'd be unlikely to make the same choice today, but it's still a pretty serious improvement.

I haven't shopped for a while, and reading reviews is annoying (I've purchased "nice" product lines and got burned on screen quality resolution aside), but I suspect I could get a similar quality screen on a cheaper 13" or 14" thin laptop now. And even cheap screens are getting good of they're IPS.

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