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Comment Re:There's competition now? (Score 1) 59

Yeah, I actually think AT&T has responded to pressure from T-mobile and is pretty competitive (especially now that T-Mobile is unlimited only).

That's why I'm concerned about the proposed Sprint buyout of T-Mobile (and the AT&T one when that was on the table).

Sprint was always garbage in my area (bad coverage, high prices), but T-Mobile has been really upping their game over the last decade, and it's starting to exert downward pressure on AT&T, which is in turn starting to affect Verizon.

Comment Re:There's competition now? (Score 1) 59

Depends where you live and travel I suppose

I have tmobile for $75/month

It is unlimited enough for me locally (they say they'll throttle me during peak hours if I break 23 GB, but I only use 10-15) with good coverage (about 2/3 the time I am faster than 15/5mbps, and rarely under 5/1). They give me the basics I need in Toronto (slow slow slow, too slow for interactive, but I can pull a map in desperation for free).

For Verizon last I checked I'd be paying $75/month more (glancing at their page, things may have changed), with Canada being approximately all of the money.

I know that I'm justifying approx $1000/year for a few days a year traveling where I am limited to wifi calling (another great service that has saved me tons when traveling internationally).

Comment Re:It's not gonna happen (Score 3, Interesting) 59

I'm pretty happy with Google Play music, except for the fact that tidal (I assume) is taking artists away (my selection of Jay-Z has significantly reduced).

I'd like to see competition, but not in the form of exclusivity.

I left spotify because it sucked (no streaming to chromecast, no side loading, worse recommendations, no personal "library"), I suspect they fixed many of the issues, but that's why competition is good.

Comment Re:Deliberately missing the forest for the trees (Score 1) 358

Who is they?

What I see in articles is that the economy is decent, but rough for entry level, as the young cohort is the largest in a long while.

It's the opposite of the 80s when the economy was soft, but there weren't as many young people, so it was good to be looking for entry level.

Comment Re: Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 147

But my point is that even with multiple services, it makes sense to give up on cable.

I pay about $5/month over what I would for basic cable + HBO (I have Hulu, Netflix, HBO). I still find it better than cable.

I save myself a box and a remote, it's worth the $5 for that reason alone.

Comment Re:Didn't think this was in doubt. (Score 1) 147

Because ads?

Also, I think Netflix is driving down the price.

$10 vs $15 for HBO (they are similar in quality of new output IMO).

I don't get why ad supported has failed with streaming services, but it seems to have (I would think advertisers would live to be able to buy their ads more targeted for demographic, but they seem to have lumped streaming with Youtube and not with TV as far as ad purchasing goes, and therefore don't pay a premium (or enough of one to make it sustainable).

Comment Re:liar (Score 1) 558

It isn't about exposing all or none, it's about trying to expose it all or none.

I see no evidence that WL is partisan though, there's no evidence that they turn down offered leaks for political reasons.

Also, I don't see them targeting the US disproportionately. Aside from size and power.

Comment Re:Can it beat the doctors (Score 1) 153

It also depends on how it fails vs people.
If a doctor is 90% correct, but this this only gives false negatives, this + doctor could be used to save lives by using an OR style process in determining more aggressive treatment.

It if it's 80% accurate when never giving an uncertain answer, but very accurate when allowed a certainty interval but passing on making a determination on 20% of the cases it could at the very least act as a check against doctors that missed something.

Additionally, if only false positives it could perhaps be used as a first screening saving doctor time (and therefore healthcare money) by having them only fully examine instances where it gives a positive.

These types of diagnostic engines are starting to be used in animal care so I'm sure they'll be well vetted (ugh, a pun) before used largely on humans.

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