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Comment Re:Two types of laws (Score 2) 421

No, Comey let Clinton off the hook because Obama was also implicated. President Obama, who claimed he learned about Hillary's private email account, exchanged emails with that account...BTW Comey held jobs which had connections to the Clinton Foundation and his brother works for the firm which conducted the "independent audit" of the Clinton Foundation (independent audit is in quotation marks because every "independent" investigation in the last 6 years concerning anyone connected to the current Administration, where I have looked at the people doing the investigation, has proved to be run by people with ties to those being investigated).

Comment Re:Two types of laws (Score 3, Interesting) 421

Where in his press conference did Comey say that what Hillary did was not uncommon?
Did the head of the FBI really say that it was not uncommon for people in our government to handle classified information "extremely carelessly" (which, BTW, is another way of saying "with extreme negligence", which is what the law specifies as the violation)? If so, that is scary.
The problem with your explanation is that there ARE numerous cases of people who were thrown in jail for LESSER violations of the same law.

Comment Propaganda through their employees (Score 1) 236

I have a friend who works for Amazon complaining about having to sign for a (very low cost) shipment he got through UPS from Amazon. Then he said he couldn't wait for Amazon to have their own delivery service so he wouldn't have to do such ridiculous things anymore. He clearly did not realize that the reason the UPS driver needed his signature was because AMAZON chose the "signature required" option when they shipped it.

Amazon is going to do the same thing in many ways, request that UPS or Fedex do something which is inconvenient for their customer and then use it to make the customer prefer the Amazon shipping service (similar to the sorts of things they did to make people think Prime was a great deal).

Comment Re:This was a market failure (Score 1) 428

In other words, you think that in times of crisis scarce resources will miraculously materialize to meet the increased demand. The only problem with Uber's surge pricing algorithm is that they do not have a sufficiently robust competitor to make sure that it is not pure profiteering (that is, that the price increase reflects the actual demand increase).

Comment Re:Where is the comments from Republicans? (Score 1) 99

Of course, someone has to REPORT that they said it. For that matter, how would they even know he was making the claim? This reporter did not even ask them about it. Yeah, now that it has been reported they are likely to find out, but all anybody will remember is this initial story, not what they may say now. Even now, what makes you think someone would report it if they said anything?

Comment Re:Where is the comments from Republicans? (Score 1) 99

If Cummings has the backing of the entire committee it would be the first time. Of course, why would you think this was a stupid thing to lie about. When he, and his staff, probably knew that the reporter was not going to ask anyone else on the committee (or the committee's staff) about his claims...and low and behold, the reporter did not.

Not even a simple email saying, "Representative Cummings' office is making these claims(see attached). Do you have any comments?"

The reporter attempted to cover for his lack of follow up by telling us that the two men being attacked by Representative Cummings refused to comment. Well, of course they did. Anything they said could only cause them greater problems. The key problem with the article is that the reporter takes Cummings word (or his staffers') for it that the Democratic members of the FCC have been forthcoming in releasing documents.

Comment Re:Clickbait troll much? (Score 2) 629

Two points: First, there were LOTS of questions about Reagan's health when he ran for President in 1980 because of his age. However, he showed no signs of health issues on the campaign trail and was able to maintain a similar campaign schedule to that of his opponent with campaign appearances 7 days a week. Hillary has maintained a very sparse campaign schedule with 3 or 4 day weekends where she does not appear at any campaign events. In addition, Hillary has had multiple incidents which are suggestive of an underlying health problem (although these incidents are by no means conclusive). Over all there is greater reason to question Hillary's health than there was to question Reagan's (key word being "question")

Second, the idea that Reagan had Alzheimer's while in office was a conjecture that was made after he was out of office for several years and diagnosed with it. There was no real evidence to suggest that such was the case while he was in office. There is sufficient evidence IN HINDSIGHT to conjecture that he may have been experiencing symptoms in the last year or two he was in office, but nothing that is even vaguely conclusive

Comment Re:It's not rocket science.. (Score 1) 314

Skin colour doesn't correlate with crime, poverty does.

Your are correct that skin colour does not correlate with crime. However, it is not poverty that correlates with crime, it is being from a single parent household which correlates with crime. The incidence of single parent households are MUCH higher among blacks than among whites.

Comment Re:So then Hillary is the warmonger (Score 1) 531

Actually, there is reason to think that Putin and the Russians believe that it has already been decided that Hillary will be the next President (and that the election is just for show). If that is the case, then their actions at this time are designed to weaken the person they perceive as the next President.

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