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Comment Re:Alternative competitiveness (Score 1) 73

SalesForce is not whining. This writer of the article appears to have written a press release for Microsoft talking about how this innovation has Salesforce shaking in their boots. The author could not even be bothered to ask anyone at Salesforce what they thought of this new development.

Comment Re:Alternative competitiveness (Score 2) 73

Perhaps you did not notice, but this article was not produced by Salesforce and does not contain ANY information from anyone at SalesForce.

It is merely the opinion of the author of the article that SalesForce is concerned by this development. The only evidence they provide for that theory is that a Salesforce representative accused MS of anti-competitive behavior during the negotiations to buy LinkedIn (possibly as an effort to get regulators to pressure MS out of buying LinkedIn).
I do not actually see this giving MS any strategic advantage...the more this gets used, the more likely I am to remove my LinkedIn account.

Comment Re:Berkley didn't do this to be jerks (Score 4, Interesting) 553

It is worse than that, a professor at another university (a private one which specifically targets deaf students) wanted to use some of these videos in their class. They wanted the University of California (and therefore California taxpayers) to shoulder the burden of making these videos usable by their students, rather than having their own university pay the cost.

Comment Re: Leftist regulation run amok. (Score 1) 553

The US has largely trended more authoritarian So, you agree with him. The left has ALWAYS favored authoritarian government from the days when the terms left and right were first used about politics during the French Revolution. Progressives believe that the government should employ "experts" who will tell farmers what crops to plant, when to plant them, when to harvest them, and how much to charge for them. They believe that the government should have experts who determine what the best diet is for people and enact regulations to make sure that people eat such a diet (or are penalized for not doing so). There is no area of life where progressives do not believe we would be better off doing what government experts instruct us to do rather than what we personally desire and that therefore the government should punish us, for our own good, when we do not follow the rules defined by "experts".

Comment Re:Simple fix (Score 1) 397

More importantly than my previous comment. If you want to fix what is wrong with our government you need to make sure you blame the correct people for the problem you are trying to fix.

The point of my original post was that blaming this bill on Breitbart is like blaming the voters in California for Bernie Sanders being in the Senate.

Comment Re:Simple fix (Score 1, Troll) 397

No, Democrats are responsible for Trump being in the White House. If they had not re-elected Obama after he had demonstrated that he had no respect for the rule of law the Republican voters would not have felt it necessary to vote for someone who would do the same thing in their interest.
That is really what the last election was about: whose interest would the President break the law in order to promote. Hillary, who stood foursquare for the political establishment, or Trump, who proclaimed himself as opposed to it. It was really a shame it came down to that with no good candidates, but at least the American voters chose the least bad choice.

Comment Re:Simple fix (Score 2) 397

Important note: This bill came from the House of Representatives, not from the White House. So, Breitbart had nothing to do with it. Bills like this are why Trump was the Republican nominee rather than a more traditional Republican politician. Now whether Trump opposes this bill or not remains to be seen.

Comment Re:There were more of them (Score 1) 519

The only difference between the conservative organizations which the IRS placed under special scrutiny and the liberal organizations which the IRS just gave a cursory glance at before approving their applications was their political agenda.

I understand that as a liberal you believe in "free speech for me but not for thee," but you are never going to convince me that a just society can be built on that principle. Further, if you insist that it is OK for your side to use the government to target their political enemies, it is only a matter of time until you will acquire an opposition which will do the same thing to you.

Comment Re:Humans v Robots (Score 1) 440

The only way I see automation bringing in more customers is if customer wait time was a problem already

That is because you either order a meal at the same fast food restaurant regularly, or you never order a meal at fast food restaurants. There are two restaurants (for certain meanings of the word "restaurant") near me that both serve similar, custom (as in, there are multiple options to choose from for each item on their menu). One of them has a person behind the counter who takes your order and puts it together. The other has a kiosk where you specify your choices, hit enter, and someone behind the counter puts it together while you go pay (this second one is also a convenience store and gas stations, so you may choose to buy something else while you are there). I don't go to either very often, but when I do, I prefer the second (and there are times when I decide to go out for lunch because the second is an option). The reason I prefer the second is because I can more easily go through the options and choose what I want than at the first (in no small part because I am holding up the line while trying to make up my mind). At the kiosk, I am not holding anyone up while I am deciding on what I want (OK, on very rare occasions they are so busy that all of the ordering kiosks are busy and someone is waiting for one to free up).

Comment Re:Let's compare Mike to Hillary (Score 1, Informative) 445

Now, what would you expect someone that was trying to avoid scrutiny to do, at this point, when they received the first official request for those emails?

I would expect them to do EXACTLY what Hillary did: turn over a limited number of the requested emails and delete the remainder while claiming that the ones turned over were all of them.

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