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Comment My primary criticism of the MPG numbers (Score 1) 136

My primary criticism of the MPG numbers is that gallons per 100 miles would be a more useful number (someone else pointed this out on slashdot a few years ago). At better than 10 MPG/10 GP100M, the MPG number is perfectly adequate. Once the MPG rating gets over 20 MPG it becomes deceptive. The cost of gas difference between 5 MPG and 10 MPG is greater than the cost of gas difference between 10 MPG and 40 MPG, but most people would value the latter jump more than the former. That is, they would be more likely to buy the 40 MPG vehicle over the 10 MPG vehicle than they would be to buy the 10 MPG vehicle over the 5 MPG vehicle (in both cases assuming that the vehicles were otherwise similar...not something that is likely to happen). Or to put this another way, people are more likely to buy a 40 MPG vehicle over a 30 MPG vehicle than a 10 MPG vehicle over a 5 MPG vehicle.

Comment Re:Unfettered capitalism (Score 1) 635

The problem here is that people conflate capitalism with free market. You are correct that it is not socialism that is causing this. It is socialism's brother. fascism that is doing this. In either case, it has nothing to do with capitalism as most people understand the term. Most people consider the terms "free market economy" and "capitalism" to be synonyms, not realizing that "capitalism" is Karl Marx's term for a straw man economic system that does not exist.

Comment Re:Marriage (Score 1) 267

Except that the "religious right" was beginning to accept the idea of domestic partnership when the activists said that was not good enough.

In order to get where you said you think things should have gone, you need move one step at a time. The first step was to establish the concept of domestic partnership. I am firmly convinced that the reason the activists did not want domestic partnerships was because they knew it would leave it up to churches (and other organizations) to decide how they wanted to define marriage. They did not want to allow churches the option to define marriage.

Comment Re:Marriage (Score 4, Insightful) 267

Except of course that before "marriage equality" was imposed by the courts many states were passing domestic partnership laws. Domestic partnership laws solved all of those issues. The advantage of domestic partnership laws was that they were not limited to people in a sexual relationship. This meant that two people could share a house and other things without being sexual partner and have all of those benefits as well.
In time, it is likely that such laws would have made it feasible to remove marriage laws, with their religious overtones, from the books altogether.

Comment Re:Maybe the driver believed it was enabled? (Score 1) 166

More importantly, it suggests that the driver may have THOUGHT that the autopilot was on. Actually, it suggests a secondary point. The autopilot should NOT turn off until the car is either stopped or it detects that the driver is controlling the vehicle (hands on the wheel).

Comment Re:Translation (Score 2) 360

The mistake all of the anti-Trump arguments make is that they attack Trump "Why trust Trump?" because he is not a proven liar and hypocrite like most politicians. Very few people support Trump because of his virtues, whatever they are. They support him because they are convinced that his opponents have NO virtues, while Trump appears to at least have a few.

Comment A name change but still IE (Score 1) 234

Listen just because MS renamed Internet Explorer does not mean that it isn't still Internet Explorer. Heck, the summary even admits it by calling Edge one of the "Big Four" browsers. The only way Edge qualifies as one of the big four is if you consider it the next version of Internet Explorer. If you consider it a separate browser it is number 5 (behind, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari).

Comment Re:But now part of the historical narrative? (Score 1) 621

Well, the interesting thing is that UKIP did that in the last election and when it started to look like UKIP might win the election, David Cameron promised to renegotiate Britain's relationship with the EU AND hold a referendum on leaving. That promise was the only reason the Conservative Party won the election.

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