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Comment Education doesn't work for this sort of thing. (Score 1) 339

I would like to agree with you, but I can't. How many bots have you helped prevent by educating people--five, ten? Now how many worms have been shut down by this vigilantism? I'm willing to bet that it is more.

People are lazy and don't really want to "be educated" unless it provides them some sort of direct personal benefit. Trying to educate people about things that affect them indirectly, after time, or in the aggregate--such as bot nets, pollution, or AIDS prevention--never has and probably never will really do much good. There's no stick for failing to learn and no carrot for succeeding, and thus no incentive other than knowing you're probably doing the right thing.

The Clean Air Act and law enforcement had more effect on air pollution than a million teachers, and it will probably take a law and someone to enforce it to solve this problem as well. The flipside of vigilantes showing criminals where they need to do a better job is that they also show law enforcement where they need to do a better job.

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