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Comment Graphics were great, software, not so much (Score 1) 374

The biggest problem with the Myst games is that to run it on Windows you had to install the buggy Quicktime software. It was always breaking, either because of upgrade issues or just plain bugs. I think a lot of people gave up on it because of how hard it was to keep running if you had other games on the system.

The game was ahead of its time. It would have been much better with a 3d render software engine like Unreal. (Which did not exist at that time.)

Also, you did not get to kill anything. Modern gamers need a body count.

Comment Microsoft has always dealt with bugs as a PR issue (Score 1) 100

Since Microsoft has a habit of ignoring the issues that get reported without a bounty, I don't see how adding one would improve the issue.

One of the reasons for Full Disclosure is to pressure companies that think of security vulnerabilities as a PR problem instead of an urgent technical issue. If the first reaction you get from a company is "this only effects a small handful of users" then they are trying to patch through spin instead of fixing the problem. Microsoft is not the only one that does this, but they have been one of the biggest offenders.

BTW, "this only effects a small handful of users" has been used by Microsoft so many times that they have grounds to trademark the phrase.

Comment Re:Rainbow Dash (Score 2) 141

If it uses 50% less power, it will be cooler. The Atom processors generate very little heat compared with the more power-hungry Xeon and Core Duo chipsets.

Intel has become very aware of power usage as well as heat. The days of the room heating CPU are hopefully behind us.


Submission + - Government Transparency Sites Face Chopping Block (

An anonymous reader writes: Congress is quietly proposing to eliminate the funding for a slew of websites that allow citizens to keep government accountable. As part of the frantic budget cutting the electronic government fund would be slashed from $34 million to $2 million. Sites such as, and the IT Dashboard [] would be immediately crippled and be forced to shutdown in a matter of months. The provision to cut these programs began with House Republicans and was recently re-introduced by Senate Democrats.

The most recent developments indicate the situation is quite dire. Funding will run out for many of these projects on April 20th and put valuable data back into the shadows. Journalists who depend on this data will lose access, citizens will not be able to examine the government's activities and all tools built on the data will break. The Sunlight Foundation fights to improve government transparency and if these cuts go through, the public will be denied the vital resources many members of Congress have previously championed.

Submission + - Film Company Suing 5,865 Downloaders Has Problem ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: According to The Hollywood Reporter
Camelot Entertainment Group has hopped onto the mass-suing bandwagon by targeting 5,865 alleged downloaders of the B-movie revenge flick Nude Nuns with Big Guns. But the company might not even own the film. Lawsuit filed after Camelot defaulted on loan, and had its films seized, raising possibility that one of the largest copyright lawsuits in California history was made over a title outside the plaintiff's actual domain.

Comment Tablets will replace netbooks (Score 1) 643

Tablets serve the same niche that netbooks do. A smaller machine that is more portable than a laptop or desktop that handles tasks that are needed while traveling or away from your more permanent machine. Also something that is not as expensive as your laptop and won't be as painful if lost or stolen.

There seems to be an assumption by the industry that people want to own just one machine that does everything. What is happening is that they own multiple devices that may or may not share similar tasks, but have different levels of portability. You may have one device that stays at home and one that you take on the bus to work with you. Another may be just for long trips. The hard part is not the form factor, but getting those devices to share data in a transparent and secure manner.

Another reason that Microsoft may be grousing about tablets is it breaks the usage model for Windows. Most windows software wants at least a two button mouse. Click for select and right click for context menus. With a tablet you have no right or left mouse buttons so you have to come up with replacements for those actions. Apple has an easier time converting because they were mostly one button instead of two. (And X windows users have three buttons to contend with. (Though two are just cut and paste.))

I expect that tablets will almost entirely replace the netbook market by 2015. By then the OS issues will be worked out and they will "just work".

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