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Comment Re:The game is too one-sided (Score 1) 416

No company seems to be willing to be realistic about how changing times should be changing their business model and customers are very much being caught in between.

They don't have to be "realistic" - they have the power to force reality to change for them. If that means bashing in their customers' faces with rifle butts they won't think twice, as long as they can loot their pockets afterwards.

Comment Re:Perhaps a better method... (Score 1) 1001

Long story short - don't assume that everything in a whiteboard interview should be taken literally.

Let me get this straight: You want people who deal with machines that require exacting precision in the statement of command for the machine to work at all to not take the interview literally?

Are you out of your fscking mind?

What kind of people do you think get attracted to computer programming in the first place? If these people were so comfortable assuming you're effectively lying during the interview, what makes you think they'd become programmers?

Get out of the industry. I think you would be more comfortable somewhere else - and you would definitely do less damage to the industry elsewhere.

Comment We've gone back to the fscking mainframe... (Score 1) 164

...but instead of needing to because of technology and cost constraints, Microsoft is doing it as a method of control. Once Microsoft has the O.S. and your data on their servers, they have you by the curlies. You'll pay what they tell you to pay to access your own data or they pull the trigger.

Comment Re:The Internet as a vector for memetic disease (Score 1) 499

I largely agree with you here, but there is one important difference: The Plague killed most of its victims, limiting how it spread. The MemePlague not only doesn't kill its carriers, it enriches them like a breeder reactor - they get more extreme AND more communicative over time. In fact, I would say this phenomenon also shares traits with radioactivity - and we're nearing supercriticality...

Comment Re:well.. (Score 1) 187

The problem with your sentiment is that whether someone is "trivially replaceable" has nothing to do with skill. The only bar for replacement is whether the replacement is cheaper or not. Mr. Niel is betting that flooding the market with programmers who don't know their worth is going to save him enough money it's worth "educating" them for free.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 3, Informative) 206

The NRA will never "return to its roots as a promoter of firearms education and safety" - it is the purchase enforcement arm of the weapon manufacturer industry. What the "liberals" do has nothing to do with their behavior. They will stop at nothing to use guns to take money out of the hands of Americans - the only difference between the weapon industry and muggers is that the industry is willing to give you the whole gun in exchange instead of just the bullets.

Mind you, this is coming from a gun *owner*, but let's call a flintlock a flintlock, okay?

Comment Re:Math doesn't work out (Score 3, Insightful) 1023

Automation is a very important discussion point. Its disingenuous to tie it to the current debate over moving the minimum wage back up to a living wage.

The reason they're tying it to the current debate is so they can blame the victim; victim-blaming is practically mandatory these days.

Comment Re:Done to _gouge_ the customer better (Score 1) 379

You, as a customer, can take this information (its free) and use it to find a better alternative.

What about all the information about companies worldwide those businesses spend millions of dollars to hide? How can customers use information to find better alternatives when companies move heaven and earth to make sure customers never get that information and keep them in the dark? Right now, the law gives businesses nearly carte blanche to lie to customers (anything outside of a direct lie is allowed); do you really think this total imbalance between trading partners is reasonable?

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 396

I, too was born into a poor family - but no grades, no matter how good, could make college affordable to me, and no degree will ever make me acceptable to employers, no matter no good I program. You don't know how lucky you are not to be the subject of prejudice.

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