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Comment Add more fuel to .... (Score 1) 290

Add more fuel to the concept that there is a "talent shortage". Companies are just completely unwilling to pay what workers are worth or offer them any training flexibility or even kindness.

Modern employers feel completely entitled to perfect workers for dirt cheap pay and completely unfulfilling work.

Then they whine "labor shortage".

Comment Re:OSS Licenses (Score 1) 74

> The copyright holder can revoke the license.

Not every type of license.

> I know Stallman is a smelly old fool to you "open source" retards, but he perfected copyleft decades ago. You would know that, if you weren't insanely obsessed with exploiting intellectual property to make yourselves wealthy.

Are you going for the world record attempt at the number of false assumptions in a single sentence?

I highly respect Stallman, I know exactly when he perfected copyleft, I prefer Free Software to other types of Open Source license, and I have a preference for GNU licenses. I don't particularly care for making myself more wealthy either. And I'm not quite sure whose intellectual property you think I'm exploiting when it's me writing the code in the first place.

Comment Re: About time! (Score 1) 265

In an ideal world, regulation would not be necessary. Sometimes the threat of regulation is enough.

Take maturity ratings for games. The government saw a problem and proposed passing laws for ratings, so the industry took responsibility and set up its own rating system, removing the need for the government to mandate it.

Hopefully the threat of a new regulation will cause the airline industry to come up with its own standards.

Comment Re: Cost (Score 1) 265

Comment Re: If it's unzipping encryption it has to re-zip (Score 1) 99

Yep, the IT group continually sends employees emails telling us how much they don't trust us, THEN the decrypt our SSL sessions and expect our Complete trust in them... no dice, you made it completely clear that No One could be trusted. How does your newfound snooping power change that concept?

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