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Submission + - Rush Limbaugh & Heavy metal used to control pe (

Aryabhata writes: According to scientist, climate change and human activity has allowed beetles to take over and destroy trees in the ecosystem way more than they should. They decided to use
"nastiest, most offensive sounds" which included recordings of Guns & Roses, Queen, Rush Limbaugh and manipulated versions of the insects' own sounds on the beetles.
The research project titled "Beetle Mania" has concluded that acoustic stress can disrupt its feeding and even cause the beetles to kill each other.


Submission + - Swiss banks making concessions on bank secrecy 1

Aryabhata writes: Economic Times & Reuters report: "Under pressure from the US and other troubled economies, the Swiss government announced on Friday that it would cooperate in international tax investigations, breaking with its long-standing tradition of protecting wealthy foreigners accused of hiding billions of dollars. Austria and Luxembourg also said they would help. "
Data Storage

Submission + - Open Source Highly Available Storage Solutions?

Gunfighter writes: I run a small datacenter for one of my customers, but they're constantly filling up different hard drives on different servers and then shuffling the data back and forth. At their current level of business, they can't afford to invest in a Storage Area Network of any sort, so they want to spread the load of their data storage needs across their existing servers like Google does. The only software packages I've found that do this seamlessly are Lustre and NFS. The problem with Lustre is that it has a single metadata server unless you configure failover, and NFS isn't redundant at all and can be a nightmare to manage. The only thing I've found that even comes close is Starfish. While it looks promising, I'm wondering if anyone else has found a reliable solution that is as easy to set up and manage? Eventually, they would like to be able to scale from their current storage usage levels (~2TB) to several hundred terabytes once the operation goes into full production.

Submission + - IBM Asks Court to Declare Linux Non-Infringing

A Cyclic Graph writes: "We finally have a redacted version of IBM's Reply Memorandum in Support of Summary Judgment on Counterclaim 10 in SCO v. IBM. In short, IBM is asking the Court to declare that Linux doesn't infringe upon any of SCO's purported intellectual property. This document is the last word on that matter until the Court either declares there to be no doubt that Linux is free of infringement, or decides that that issue has to be decided by the jury. In their brief, IBM points out that SCO puts forth a convoluted set of non-answers referencing each other to disguise it's inability to answer IBM. Their set of cross-references is so complex that Groklaw readers graphed the claims to make what little sense of them they could."

Submission + - MIT to put its entire curriculum online free

DanLake writes: "On Tuesday, school officials revealed plans to make available the university's entire 1,800-course curriculum by year's end. Currently, some 1.5 million online independent learners log on the MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) site every month and more than 120 universities around the world have inaugurated their own sites for independent learners. MIT has more than 1,500 course curriculums available online to date.

Carson said MIT's teachers collect what they have created for their courses and make it available over the Web. Many online learners purchase text books for the courses they are monitoring and a recent MIT-Amazon link showed that about 2,000 text books were ordered by independent learners, demonstrating just how serious the learners are.

"Video and audio files are very popular," said Carson. "There are 21 courses with full video available." Typically, independent learners view videos with streaming media players and replay them on PCs, MP3s, or iPods."

Submission + - The French Parliament switches to Ubuntu

atamyrat writes: "The French Parliament looks to be the next big Ubuntu switcher according to reports. Recently the Parliament produced an official government report that recommended the use of free software over proprietary software. The switch to free software is expected to provide a substantial savings to the tax-payers according to the government study.
Following this recommendation two companies, Linagora and Unilog, have been selected to provide the members of the Parliament as well as their assistants new computers containing free software. This will amount to 1,154 new computers running Ubuntu prior to the start of the next session which occurs in June 2007."
The Internet

Submission + - GoDaddy Crashes - DST bug?

Jay writes: "GoDaddy's servers are not responding right now. Accounts can be logged into but sites aren't being served. It's possible this is because GoDaddy refused to patch their servers for daylight savings time changes. See this article in PC Magazine yesterday: "GoDaddy says its servers are ready for time switch [but] some customers are concerned that domain registrar and hosting firm can't handle early move to Daylight Saving Time.""

Submission + - A more secure OS X before Leopard

Sebastiaan de With writes: "I've made a how-to from tips by Jay Beale on the last DEFCON Security conference and some own security tweaks to improve the overall security of your OS X. Make sure some default settings that can allow for vulnerabilities are set properly, and tune your firewall rules. A more advanced follow-up is coming soon."
United States

Submission + - Bush administration again stifles scientists.

niloroth writes: The Independent Online Reports on a leaked memorandum from the US Department of the Interior instructing members of the US Fish and Wildlife Service to refrain from mentioning climate change, sea ice, or polar bears in their trips to countries the arctic region. Following other such attempts by this administration to control either scientists connected with the government, or the results of those scientists, is there any hope for the next few years? Or is this just how it will be in the future no matter who is in power? Is the mix of science and government funding just too volatile?
Operating Systems

Submission + - Simputer Opensourced

the100rabh writes: "the article at says....
Struggling against odds, the Simputer project has open-sourced one of its prominent software... Alchemy — the user interface used on the Amida Simputer — has been open-sourced, and the code has been released under the General Public Licence.

Sure they have open sourced it...but will it help anyone except the company open sourcing it??"

Submission + - GoDaddy v DST, DST won

iffn writes: GoDaddy claimed not to need DST patches for this weekend due to their Arizona location. At this time however E-Mail and hosting are down. Glad I have hosting there for a "just for fun" website. I'd hate to be running a business with them. Looks like they're going to owe their customers for their losses since this outage was completely within their control to prevent from occuring.,129718/article.h tml
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Single Board Computer with open design runs Linux

necio_online writes: "The design of our ECB_AT91 Single-Board Computer is now free. It already runs Debian, OpenEmbedded (Angstrom Distribution) and Buildroot. You can buy one or more, or download the design and build your own. The first wrote about this board almost one year ago.

The board is powered by an Atmel AT91RM9200 processor, which features an ARM9 core clocked at 180MHz. It supports up to 64MB of SDRAM, has one SD/MMC slot, 2 MB of serial flash, one 10/100 Ethernet interface, USB host and two serial ports."

Submission + - Apple WorldWide Developer Conference 2007 Dates

pasamio writes: The Apple Developer Connection now has dates for the 2007 Worldwide Developers Conference. From June 11 to 15 the "WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) is Apple's most important annual event for hardware and software developers, including in-house developers, computational scientists, IT managers, and system administrators. Thousands of developers from around the world come to California each year to receive in-depth information and instruction from Apple's technical architects and engineers."
With Job's previous announcement of 10.5 to be in this period, perhaps this years key note will be the launch of the latest version of Mac OS X.
The Internet

Submission + - Story correction needed re: Wikipedia vs Wikia

David Gerard writes: "Please correct 0 — Wikipedia and Wikia are completely separate entities. It's Wikia's search project, not Wikipedia's. This keeps getting perpetuated and it's damaging to both. See the press kit: — "Q. So what is Wikia? A. Wikia is a for-profit (commercial) wiki hosting service that is completely separate from Wikipedia and Wikimedia. The founders of Wikia are Angela Beesley and Jimmy Wales, both prominent in the Wikipedia community, but there are no formal ties between Wikimedia Foundation and Wikia, Inc. Wikia, like many other sites, uses the same MediaWiki software used to run Wikipedia. (See Wikia)""

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