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Comment Medical Scribe (Score 2) 326

I've encountered medical scribes twice now:

1. During a trip to my ophthalmologist, the doctor did the examining and talked the entire time (not to me) while the scribe took the notes.

2. During my most recent trip to the ER (for a relative, not for myself), the doctor came in with a medical scribe. The scribe wheeled in a cart with a laptop and stood quietly in the corner. The scribe's job was to do nothing but take notes for the doctor while he examined the patient.

In both settings, the setup seemed to work very well. Perhaps this is the answer to the "over-data" problem described in the OP.

Comment Alternate Approach: Suspend Competitor's Account (Score 1) 97

Is your competitor putting Google Ads on their website? Are they making any decent money off of it? Click on their ads repeatedly until Google suspends their account.

This happened to me, but not from a business competitor. I put some Google Ads up on my WoW guild's forums hoping it would help offset the cost of hosting. One of our rival guilds on our server ran up the clicks to the point where my account was suspended for click fraud and I was no longer permitted to place Google Ads on ANY websites, even after an appeal.

Submission + - Dell is Now a Private Company Again

Gunfighter writes: reports: Dell, Inc. completed its go-private tranaction by Michael Dell, Dell’s Founder, Chairman and CEO, and Silver Lake Partners, a leading global technology investment firm. Stockholders will receive $13.75 in cash for each share of Dell common stock they hold, plus payment of a special cash dividend of $0.13 per share to stockholders of record as of the close of business on Oct. 28, 2013, for total consideration of $13.88 per share in cash. The total transaction is valued at approximately $24.9 billion.

Comment 1980's Elementary School (Score 1) 299

I just turned 39. When I was in elementary school in the 1980's, going to the computer lab to learn about computers entailed learning the following:

* Basics of the computer system
-- Input
-- Output
-- Storage
-- Bits and bytes

* Booting the computer

* Programming in the BASIC programming language
-- Operations (mostly arithmetic)
-- Printing output to the screen/printer
-- Conditionals
-- Loops
-- Subroutines
-- and... the dreaded GOTO

As a result, I knew how to "program" before I even started junior high. I didn't take any other program-related courses until high school (BASIC and then Pascal), but I continued studying on my own at home. Contrast that with today: My children will have a lot of computer courses teaching them how to use the computer for research, office automation, etc.; but they mostly likely will not be exposed to computer programming until high school.

Comment Re:I applaud them (Score 1) 592

I use roads, including both private and public roads.
I depend on regulation from both the government and private entities.
I am, in some ways, a self made man; however, that's not to say I have not relied on others to get to where I am today.
You may think me naive or an idiot if you like. Keep in mind, though, that the government already taxes the income earned by the individuals who work at the company. The company's retained earnings will eventually be taxed when they are paid out in the form of dividends or wages down the line.... or I guess the company could just lay off a bunch of people and hand the money over to the government as a corporate tax now? Personally, I think the money is better off staying with the company and they owe it to their employees and other stakeholders to try and make sure they can continue to make payroll and deliver the goods and services expected of them. If that means taking legal steps to avoid taxes, then that's what needs to happen.

P.S. Your comment made me laugh when it conjured up this image:

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