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Comment Re:Welcome to Libertarianism (Score 1) 188

When a given company represents 90% of the daily information stream of your average citizen, it is a monopoly.

That may be relevant, if it were to try to use that monopoly status to get into a different market. Facebook is not doing that, so let them be. The barrier to entry into their market is none-existent — various snapchats, instagrams, et al. have done that. Facebook itself unseated MySpace in front of our eyes.

In the meantime, we need a way to ensure that citizens actually get all information that is relevant to their vote

Who are these omniscient benevolent "we", that need to ensure something for the "citizens", god bless their pretty little heads? No, the "we" and the "citizens" are the same people — and your sentence makes no sense.

A pragmatist would also acknowledge that making the public more informed is more important than giving FB freedom to censor whatever they want.

So, your proposal is to surrender an essential liberty in exchange for a hypothetical temporary gain?.. Don't we already know something about this approach?

The outrage is not that Facebook is censoring whatever they please. The outrage is that others aren't afforded the same liberty.

Comment bitcoin is money, that's its only function (Score 0) 90

I am not saying at all that anybody should be charged with anything, AFAIC anybody should be able to do whatever they want, money laundering is a nonsensical idea in the first place, however bitcoin is money.

Bitcoin is money because that is its only function. It is not a commodity, *bitcoin has no intrinsic value*, which means that outside of its use as money it has no other uses. It is used to transfer, store, account for value. It is as pure money as it gets, however because it has no intrinsic value at all (it cannot be used for anything outside of money, nobody needs it for anything but for its quality of being money) its ability to store value is questionable.

On a side note bitcoin is money and currency at the same time, that's because it is money that is also very easy to exchange and transfer from person to person.

Gold is money but it was not a very good currency (until recently), which is why people carried paper notes around to exchange quantities of gold (money). Currency is what circulates around, money is what stores value, can be traded/exchanged, can be used for accounting.

Modern technology makes gold, which is money also into currency, makes it extremely easy to use as currency without introducing any other medium of exchange to replace gold. Modern tech allows gold to be currency instead of having paper currency representing amounts of gold.

The judge in this case doesn't understand money or currency but at least he didn't use his lack of understanding to convict somebody on something that is not a crime AFAIC at all.

Comment Welcome to Libertarianism (Score 4, Informative) 188

They are a private company. They can filter, block, promote any speech that they want.

I always said the same about TV and radio companies, but various Statists from FCC and FEC down to Slashdot cowards always disagreed.

Good to see some turnaround in public opinion towards liberty. Except, oh, wait, TV, radio, and even web-sites may not be able to do what they want... Even texting in support of a candidate may be illegal.

Unless, obviously, the candidate is from the Party of Government. For a few decades we had something called Fairness Doctrine, which allowed FCC to enforce "fairness". Libertarians fought it, but at least, with it on the books, one could formally complain against "unfair" coverage. Not any more — with only 7% of journalists being Republicans, the game is played with only one set of goal-posts...

Comment Re:What exactly is the problem? (Score 1) 199

You don't have to open the door to your house for example.

I doubt, that's the case, but IANAL. All of the "layman" guides out there emphasize, that you don't have to open your house unless police have a warrant, which would seem to imply, that, when they do have it, you must open.

The police instead have the right to break in likely damaging your property to execute the search

Or they can go back to the judge, who issued the warrant, and complain, And the judge may then find you in contempt — which is exactly, what happened in this case...

Also, quite obviously, if you think police are justified in applying violence, they'd also be able to forcefully apply the suspect's fingerprint to his phone — it would, of course, be far less painful and damaging to him, than the forced entry, which you've already allowed, and other aspects of a resisted arrest, that is sure to follow.

Comment Nobody cares about Russia (Score 1) 739

You're assuming that it's equally easy to get damaging materials from both countries. That's an incorrect assumption.

It may not be equally easy with Russia, but it is quite easy nonetheless. It is just very few people care. Ukrainians, for example, have been collecting undeniable proofs of Russia's official involvement in the alleged "civil" war in Ukraine's East. They don't have governmental backing, but they have patience enough to sift through social media looking for selfies, that Russian conscripts post online (with geotagging enabled). And yet, you can still encounter people even on Slashdot, who would deny Russian involvement...

Similarly, there is solid evidence — put together by volunteers and governmental investigators, that a Russian SAM shot down the Malaysian Boeing in 2014... And yet, a Google search for it today still brings up a theory, that it was a Ukrainian jet (top altitude 5000m), that shot down the airliner (flying at 10000m)...

Comment What exactly is the problem? (Score 1) 199

The original problem — one with actual passwords — came from the painfully perverted reading of the Fifth Amendment (I wish, ACLU et al were as liberal reading the Second!). If you have to tell police your password that could be used against you, then the password became testimony (written or verbal) and so the police could not compel you to do that under the Fifth Amendment.

Well, fingerprints are neither said nor written, so the Fifth Amendment does not apply. End of story — whether police can look at your smart phone's contents is now controlled by the Fourth... If the judge issues a warrant, you have to open up...

Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 503

Why is playing games 'not useful'?

- why, sure, if you can find somebody to pay you money so that you can play games then it's useful to that somebody. Unless they are *forced* to pay you money for playing games, then it's not useful, it's useless and worse, it's oppressive.

By participating in consumption and consumption only and by not producing while consuming, your life is not in any way helpful to those, who are producing whatever you are consuming.

Let's make it easy for you: 100 people on an island. 10 are producing every single thing needed for the 100 to survive. Unless the 90 are providing sexual or other types of favours, they are not producing anything of any value to provide the 10 with a meaningful exchange for their production.

However if the 90 gang up against the 10 and the 10 do not have enough weapons to take out the 90 without dying themselves, the 90 can force the 10 to be the slaves of the 90.

The 90 then would be eating, drinking, living in houses, using energy and every resource and good produced by the 10.

You can say: without the 90, the 10 would have nothing to do. Of-course that's pure nonsense. Without the 90 the 10 would have more leasure and less worries as they only have to produce for the 10. The 90 are adding nothing except for the effort that needs to go into feeding the 90.

Comment Re:You lost me at "full gold" (Score 1) 503

I assume you mean a currency backed by gold. A modern economy can't do that. There isn't enough gold to back the currency needed for us to keep track of all the transactions we're doing.

- 100% *wrong*. Today gold is money in a much more convenient way than ever before in the history of human existence.

It is government propaganda and brainwashing that created the ignorant believes that you and the vast majority of you are spewing here.

Communism doesn't work and will never work because it has to use force, that's the only reason it cannot work - it must use force to take from some and to deliver to many.

Comment Re:as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 0) 247

Welcome to the real world, the world that businesses had to operate in for all this time, when the scales were tipped to the other side, the side where the collectivist government was able to force businesses whatever the mob wanted.

I build my own products and services and also on a side I provide outsourcing services. Guess what, companies are looking for relief. When I say 'companies' I am talking about small and medium sized businesses that work with me, not giant corporations, they have their own outsourcing solutions and they are unapproachable. But they are not the only ones who understand that the American system of government made the American worker so unproductive as to basically turn him or her unemployable.

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