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Comment Re:3 years probation (Score 1) 58

I knew it was going to be a plea bargain. District Attorneys are lazy anymore and would rather give someone a light sentence than risk a not guilty verdict. They bring up a dozen scary charges and then act like they are doing a favor with a deal. If people stopped doing plea deals the courts would grind to a halt with backlogged cases.

All the outrage over the rapist Brock Turner getting six months? He agreed to a plea deal and so did the victim. The judge could only sentence for the lesser crime he agreed to.

Comment Bullshit (Score 3, Informative) 640

The Carrera was a race car that was made street legal. Even on Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson admitted it wasn't fun to drive because it was so touchy. There are plenty of other high horsepower cars that handle much better from companies like McLaren or Koenigsegg. Hell Koenigsegg even has a video showing how you can swerve the wheel at speed and not spin out.

Comment Re:trying (Score 2) 489

Moving is often an expensive and disruptive thing to do, and there are risks associated with moving to a place far away from other job options. Maybe you're a great employer, but are you the only great employer in the area? If so, it's only sensible to move to work for you if it's easy to move if you go out of business / downsize / etc. That means buying a home near you isn't a great idea, and having a spouse quit his or her job to go along with the move isn't so smart either.

My wife and I are both professionals at about the same income tier in industries with a lot of hiring overlap. If I get a nice job offer somewhere far away, I can't just go home and tell the little lady to quit her job because we're moving somewhere for mine. And unless the offer is truly great, we can't just make the leap and assume she'll find an equally good job after we move. We pretty much have to plan this stuff out together or stay where we are, which is why we're paying more to live in a place with a lot of job opportunities in a lot of directions nearby. We can change jobs without selling our house or dragging the other person through the job hunting process.

The days of, "drop everything and move for a new job" had more single income households that could devote all of their planning energy to optimizing for that one job. And even then, moving for work tended to be moving from a low population area with few employers to a higher population area with more employers.

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