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Comment Re:Good thinking (Score 1, Offtopic) 136

Before rescuing the planet from carbon emissions the Swedes might want to rescue their country first:

SWEDEN IN CHAOS: Number of âno-go zonesâ(TM) INCREASED as police lose control over violence

Sweden turns on migrants amid rise in violence and sex attacks

Sweden on the BRINK: Malmà in flames as vengeful thugs set cars alight

Those who are working towards effectively abolishing national sovereignty and erecting a structure for central global governance know that great changes only occur at times of great turmoil, war, famine, financial/currency system collapses, and anarchy/chaos.

There are some disturbing societal/cultural/political parallels to pre-WW2 Germany occurring in the US. The EU is on fire. Nationalism and populism is on the rise in many powerful nations around the world. The global financial markets are in dangerous territory. Russia and China are flexing their military muscles.

It's not going to take a whole lot at this point to send the world off into a global catastrophic collapse and conflict. What might well emerge scares the crap out of me for the whole of humanity.


Comment Re:Who's gonna pay "THEIR FAIR SHARE"?!?!?! (Score 1) 136

"My box mod is made from Reardon metal!"

I expect that quite soon, as regulatory capture and cronyism kills off small single-proprietor businesses and the few large 'connected' (tobacco co,s, mostly) manufacturers jack up prices for cheap (but legal!) junk as typically happens, that many people will just be paying somebodies' kid brother for one of the rigs he puts together out of used laptop batteries in his basement while he's smoking blunts.

Which would you prefer happen to be in the luggage on your or your family's next flight because TSA missed it? (gasp! inconceivable! right?)


Comment Re:Careless to use the tools? (Score 1) 56

The tools will contain portions that have to be placed on the remote machine, because you're trying to execute their payload in a privileged context on that machine.

But didn't this release also include command servers and user manuals? Things which would never be placed on a device which is the target of a compromise, so even if you assume usage of a "bundle", it's unreasonable to think they would be included in it.


There's no way any 'honeypot' or similar tactic is going to obtain the portions of the tools that are never uploaded to a target like user manuals and command server code.

This is simply a combination of CYA and an attempt at psychological manipulation to try to smoke out whomever hacked into NSA HQ and/or leaked these tools.

Hey NSA, it sucks when the hunter becomes the hunted, doesn't it? Your unconstitutional and criminal actions have now placed you at the top of every private and government hacker's dream-hack list both domestic and foreign, and even inside your organization among your own coworkers. Every last bit of dirt will be exposed for all to see. You are the greater threat to national security and will be dealt with accordingly regardless of what corrupt laws are in place to protect your illegal/unconstitutional actions because you are far-outnumbered and vastly out-resourced.


Comment Re:GOOD! Hope Tesla WINS! (Score 1) 247

Dealerships are a tool to "Limit Competition" and options. Not something you should have in a free and open society...

I found where you're confusion originates. It's in thinking that people want a free and open society. You can't have a society with 'safe spaces', 'micro-aggresions', 'trigger warnings', 'right to not be offended', etc etc, ad nauseam, and also have it remain free and open in nature. Heck, many Americans just prior to WW2 thought that Mussolini and Hitler were great examples of how to run a nation until they went all genocidal/homicidal-maniac.


Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 1) 407

>It is NOT against the law to manufacture your own guns.

It is NOT against the law to manufacture 80% of your own guns. The other 20% requires identifying serial numbers, etc. and you with it.

You 'fixed' something by 'breaking' it.

You can fabricate the entire firearm yourself. No serial numbers or registration are required *UNLESS* you sell or otherwise transfer ownership of it to another. I could build a hundred unregistered and unmarked ARs or AKs and, as long as they stay mine and in my possession, there are no laws broken.


Comment Re:"Activist" judges? (Score 1) 407

There's a lot of places on Earth you can go where the right of self defense does not exist. I suggest you move there because those of us that like the US Constitution as it is have no other place to go, thanks to petty tyrants like yourself.

Many of those countries have a higher quality of life and lower violence rates then the US. None of them rely on a 1st or 2nd amendment to achieve this. How does that fit with your ideology?

Yeah, you totally destroyed his point, because as everyone knows, every nation is the same, population numbers and densities are the same, all the ethnic percentages, distributions, and cultures are homogeneous, and laws that work for one people in one part of the world always work for everyone everywhere and that's why all nations have the same laws and types of governments./s

You are either disingenuous or a moron.


Comment Re:Asinine. (Score 5, Insightful) 407

Banning books...?

The US government has grown ever more authoritarian and has violated ever more Constitutional limits and civil rights over the last century and has grown ever bolder. Many here have even cheered on government violations of civil rights and limits to government power when it fits their political/ideological agendas. I've warned against this sort of thing for years and was flamed and ignored because for far too many people including many here, the ends justify the means.

With all the support they've received from the public for violating other civil rights and limits to their power for political/ideological goals, are you really shocked or surprised they would violate the 1st Amendment?

If you allow them the power to "reinterpret" one thing, they can and will use the same powers, methods, and tactics to reinterpret anything else they want.

As far as Defense Distributed's 3D printer files, just strip the files of anything tying them to anyone and upload them to torrent sites across the internet. Let them waste time & resources on playing 'whack-a-mole'.


Comment Re:One OS to Rule Them All (Score 0) 467

There is no Windows Signature Edition OS. It's a device standard that OEM's agree to not pre-install bloatware and ensure that the hardware will not be throttled down.
Microsoft only demands that the hardware runs at its full potential, so that's why bits of the BIOS were locked. Intel/Lenovo developed a new SATA controller firmware that hasn't been included in any install media yet. This is akin to the Skylake support issues that Microsoft is also having.
Dell even has a page dedicated to ensuring people can re-install 7 on their devices that Microsoft doesn't include drivers for in their install media. http://www.dell.com/support/ar... [dell.com]
This is the exact similar issue that Lenovo is having right now, but their 3rd party support reps (that the original guy from reddit spoke to) do not have the full documentation in their scripts to handle this.

Bullshit. I don't believe a word of it.

When it comes to MS and the PC makers/sellers they've embraced, the long history of their criminal behavior makes the default position that shenanigans are going on unless they can prove beyond a shadow of doubt otherwise.

It's a position MS has worked hard for decades to achieve and they've succeeded.


Comment Re:One OS to Rule Them All (Score 1) 467

Considering Windows even has issues when trying to install on these systems...

But is it the Windows 10 Signature edition, or just generic Windows/Windows 10 that failed to install?

My bet is that the Windows "Signature" edition installed on these machines has drivers/code not included (or activated) in generic Windows 10. If so that makes it even worse, as it would prove MS took proactive steps to insure these machines were not actually "PCs" according to standards, and that Lenovo colluded with MS to commit fraud by marketing them as PCs.

Too bad that "Rule of Law" no longer exists even as a goal in the USA.


Comment Re:One OS to Rule Them All (Score 2) 467

So says a 3rd party support tech that is only reading the script Lenovo gave them.

Then either Lenovo is lying or MS is lying.

This is like two guys caught by the police standing in front of a burning building that reeks of burning gasoline holding mostly-empty cans of gasoline and lit torches, and each pointing their accusing finger at the other.

As far as I'm concerned, in each case both are guilty and I will treat both MS & Lenovo as "un-indicted co-conspirators".

Family members were asking me just the other day about my recommendations for which PC makers/sellers to avoid. I'll be adding Lenovo to that list.


Comment Re:No no no. (Score 1) 270

Is it really that hard to use JFETs for you?


If they performed, sounded, and felt the same to play through, I'd be using them. Same with power MOSFETs. Heck, I worked for ProCo Sound Inc. building and testing 'Rat' distortion pedals that used JFETs back in the 1980s. I'm well-familiar with their advantages and drawbacks.

I already stated in one of my posts that I'd love to not have to lug around large, heavy, tube amps to get the sound & feel I want. I'm hoping that someday I won't have to. However, as things stand currently, solid-state/DSP/emulation simply isn't there yet.


Comment Re:Great! Add Arduinos and Farm supplies to the li (Score 1) 324

of things that will get me on yet another list.....

I want to be on as many government 'lists' as possible.

The more resources they waste on me, the fewer resources they have for the ones that will put them down and wreck their dreams of ultimate wealth, power, and control.

Or maybe I'm actually one of those 'ones'. I guess they'll have to keep devoting resources to find out. :)


Comment Re:It's both and neither (Score 1) 87

And once legal precedent is established, their own legal system and the tools they rely on will subvert their attempts to have it both ways in the future.

"But no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case to trial". Isn't that how it goes when they want to ignore inconvenient laws?

People need more history education and perhaps legal training if they don't get this yet.

I concur. Might want to brush-up on some of the more-recent history.


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