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Comment redirection (Score 2) 433

If he's as paranoid as he sounds then indirectly give him the idea that a superior or peer of equal tenure is gunning for him. I just spent the last two years dealing with an incompetent manager who everyone knew was incompetent but his boss was too proud to admit he had made a mistake in hiring him. Less than a month after he started one of his employees quit and sited him as the reason she quit. HR followed up and seven other people myself included filed formal complaints. HR found no grounds for dismissal. Over the last two years he's been filed on over twelve times. Last month he made the mistake of pulling his passive aggressive crap on one of the directors and *poof* his ass was gone. Sometimes it's not what they are doing as much as who they are doing it to.

Comment Re:Which customers? (Score 5, Insightful) 293

Then you missed the example already given. Apple kept outdated tech in their email system to accommodate a very small but crucial market segment. Now Apple is removing features large swaths of their consumer base still use. Anecdotal as it may be I know of several people who were waiting to upgrade their iPhone when 7 came out and decided to get a Samsung device because of the headphone jack. It may not hurt Apple in the short term but it will if they continue to alienate their customer base.

Comment BlackBerry's new frontier (Score 5, Informative) 40

BlackBerry may have conceded the mobile handset business but they own the automotive market. (Both Android Auto and CarPlay run as plug-in modules for BlackBerry's QNX Car OS) And for the last four years they have been quietly buying up medical electronic companies left and right and integrating them into QNX.

Comment Re:Low bar (Score 1) 86

Most consumer grade electronic devices do not report their state so even remotes that have the ability wouldn't be able to tell either. I'm sure the feature is finally trickling down since home automation is now taking off but unless you have endless disposable income you're probably OK with pressing the button a couple extra times. Even prosumer and commercial devices generally only report their state via serial (RS-232) connection. With almost all TV's now coming with network connectivity IR needs to ride off into the sunset IMHO but legacy equipment will be with us for decades.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 2) 307

OH I'm sure it is coming. Every company I've ever seen make a statement like this has done the exact opposite within weeks of the statement. It is meant to allay employee fears and keep investors happy but usually induces a quiet panic in the affected BU. If they were actually planning something they would instead tease the upcoming hardware to generate enthusiasm.

Comment Re:Missing the point (Score 4, Interesting) 210

what happens if they push out a bad update and everybody's machine is out of action for a week?

You mean like last week?
I was scratching my head for an hour trying to figure out why my wife's laptop showed it connected to the AP but not the internet. I felt really dumb once I figured it out. Then I read this story and got really mad. All the while happily connected to Steam playing games on my Win 7 desktop running Waterfox (64 bit FF fork). And of course since it took out DHCP there's no way for the average person to connect to get the patch!

Comment Re:Fake News? (Score 3, Insightful) 789

I repeatedly have to remind a select group of friends when they send me sensationalist stories from The Onion that those stories are satire and not real. Their response to them is as funny as the posts themselves but extremely scary at the same time. For stories they send me from other sites I'm not familiar with I do a search for a reputable source with the same information. If I can't find any I tell them not to believe that site either. It's a constant whack-a-mole scenario. The average person just isn't that discerning.

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