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Journal Journal: GeekNights Podcast

My roommate and I have started a podcast called "GeekNights with Rym + Scott". He's Rym and I'm Scott. It's sort of a late night talk show for geeks. We cover all sorts of topics including, but not exclusively: anime, video games, technology, gaming, science and just about anything else geeks like us are interested in.

You can check us out at
And you can subscribe to our podcast RSS feed at

We put out new episodes 4 nights a week, Monday through Thursday. I hope you try it out and possibly even enjoy it. We're still in the early stages and can use a little help, so any feedback at all will help us immensely.

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Journal Journal: Gamers in Dutchess County, NY

Do you like to play board games like Puerto Rico, Settlers, Tigris+Euphrates, etc.? Are you located anywhere in the vicinity of Dutchess County, NY USA? If so, me and my roommate are looking for you!

We don't care about your skill level or anything else as long as you don't have bad body odor and your social skills are decent. Comic book guy from the Simpsons need not apply. Also, if you have an existing gaming group in the area we would love to join, if you'll have us. Just reply to this and we'll work something out.

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Journal Journal: Help find USB Switch 2

I think the title of this says it all. I'm having trouble finding a USB switch that satisfies my needs. I basically need to switch two USB2.0 devices (keyboard and mouse) between 3 or more computers. The solution has to be os independent, none of that windows software for the switching. Normally I would need a KVM, but my monitors handle the V quite nicely on their own. However, I wouldn't be opposed to a reasonably priced KVM solution if it did the USB switching properly and the price was right.

The trick here is that the switch must work with my Logitech MX1000 mouse. Keep in mind when I tried to plug this mouse into the USB hub that is built into my keyboard it did not work.

I've searched everywhere on the net that I know, and I can't find a reasonable solution. Please help.

See blog post here for redundant details.

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Journal Journal: Super blogging!

I realize I haven't put anything here in a long time. I've pretty much completed my transition from /journal to real blog long ago. However, since I've been keeping track of referrers I've realized that a lot of hits to my site come from people clicking on my /. signature and such. So I figured that since I just made a large blog update, 3 posts!, that I'd make a few pointers over there.

I wrote a story about using a VPN to make private PC gaming communities.

I wrote another thing about how the working hours of most establishments suck ass.

And lastly I wrote about my ideas for creating games using AJAX and other new web technologies.

The front page of my blog is at and I'm sure you can figure out the URL of the front page of my site.

Yeah, 3 blog posts is what happens when I'm bored on the train to work but don't get around to uploading anything until the weekend comes.

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Journal Journal: New Website, New Job

Not only did I completely redesign my website and my blog but I got a job also.

Just a bit of advice for anyone. Sites like monster gave about no help in job finding. DICE gave a tiny bit of help, but nothing significant. Slashdot actually brought up a few leads, more than I expected. But I must say that craig's list is the number one way to find a job on the Internet. This of course is not a scientific study, just the personal experience of a college graduate looking for a full time programming position in a major city. I did however try many methods of job finding. Posting the resume on craig's list was infinitely more effective than any other.

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Journal Journal: Hire Me! 4

As I am graduating and receiving my BS in Computer Science very soon, I need to find a job before I have to make student loan payments. I wrote more about it in my blog.

I welcome job offers, pointers to job offers and mostly I want hints on how to improve my resume, make myself more attractive to employers and find positions that would be a good fit. I've read Joel's Advice and can say that I excel in all the departments he's looking for except GPA, if that means anything to you.

Of course, if you read the things I write on slashdot you may or may not completely love me for what I think and say. But despite this, I figure it can't hurt to try.

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Journal Journal: New Domain

I got a domain, yay. Now despite all my constant moving that will happen after college you will still be able to find me. the domain is So don't bother visiting, even though that will still work until I move out.

Update all your links to so is my blog, etc.

I will setup e-mail later.


Journal Journal: Gaim Log URL Extractor Syndication

I made a new piece of software today. It's a rather small ruby script. It goes through my gaim logs and parses out any URLs for the current day. Then it creates an rss feed from those URLs. I use cron to upload this rss feed to my webserver every half-hour or so. It's very helpful for myself because if someone sends me a link it ends up in my live bookmarks. It can also be helpful to others who want to see what everybody's talking about.

To check out the rss feed visit glues.rss

To read about why this script is version 0.1 and what it will take to make it version 1.0 read my blog post on the subject.

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Journal Journal: Parents on Linux

I switched my parents to Linux. And all is well. Could it be that the best way to switch people to Linux is to force it upon them? I envision it like windows users have a disease and Linux is the best medicine. But it tastes bad and they don't want to take it. But once you force it down their throats they are no longer ill and they'll thank you for it later.

Read full blog post here.

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Journal Journal: Ultimate MMO

If you read my journal or blog you know what I think of most MMOs. You might also know I have been searching for a new MMO idea that would really blow them away. I wanted an original concept for a new game that would truly be a work of art.

Rejoice. That idea has come. And to commemorate this event I am doing a three-part blog series.

In part 1, which is already written I examine yet again why I don't like existing MMOs. I didn't go into too much detail as most of my opinion is unchanged. Also, there are others who have elaborated on the subject much more deeply than I can. So think of it as a 5 minute refresher course on the basics of what is wrong with MMOs today.

In Part 2 I will examine the paralells of MMOs and western society. While it seems slightly off-topic it will serve two purposes. First, like part 1, it will make the light you see in part 3 so much clearer. Secondly, it will throw anyong trying to guess what my ultimate MMO idea is.

In part 3, the idea will be revealed. Details will not be divulged in greater number than necessary to make readers realize the greatness of the idea. And hopefully, someone who wants to fund it will read it :)

Watch this spot or my blog or either RSS feed to see when parts 2 and 3 come out.

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Journal Journal: Ghandi Flash Mob

What if the Internet existed in the times of Ghandi? Why does nobody use his methods anymore? Why don't we? These questions and more in my latest blog entry.

Flash Mob Ghandi

You can always read my blog, Gourmet Geek, at this URL and it is RSS syndicated here.

I will also of course, put pointers to entries I really want people to read in the slashjournal right here, if that is your preferred method. And this slashjournal is also RSS syndicated here.

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