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Journal Apreche's Journal: Super blogging!

I realize I haven't put anything here in a long time. I've pretty much completed my transition from /journal to real blog long ago. However, since I've been keeping track of referrers I've realized that a lot of hits to my site come from people clicking on my /. signature and such. So I figured that since I just made a large blog update, 3 posts!, that I'd make a few pointers over there.

I wrote a story about using a VPN to make private PC gaming communities.

I wrote another thing about how the working hours of most establishments suck ass.

And lastly I wrote about my ideas for creating games using AJAX and other new web technologies.

The front page of my blog is at and I'm sure you can figure out the URL of the front page of my site.

Yeah, 3 blog posts is what happens when I'm bored on the train to work but don't get around to uploading anything until the weekend comes.

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Super blogging!

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