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Journal Apreche's Journal: Hire Me! 4

As I am graduating and receiving my BS in Computer Science very soon, I need to find a job before I have to make student loan payments. I wrote more about it in my blog.

I welcome job offers, pointers to job offers and mostly I want hints on how to improve my resume, make myself more attractive to employers and find positions that would be a good fit. I've read Joel's Advice and can say that I excel in all the departments he's looking for except GPA, if that means anything to you.

Of course, if you read the things I write on slashdot you may or may not completely love me for what I think and say. But despite this, I figure it can't hurt to try.

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Hire Me!

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  • If you dont mind relocating... and doing contract work for the Department of Defense... I can make some suggestions for companies to apply to.
    • Relocating is a-o-k by me. In fact, I want to get out of here. As long as I can find a place to live that is close enough to the place I work, and they have internet there.

      As for working for the DoD, it depends. If I'm making stuff that kills people, like missile guidance software, that's not going to happen. But if I'm making stuff that isn't weapons, like the operating system for a boat's radar or something then its ok. It also depends if I need super secret clearance, because that totally isn't hap
      • lol, well, are you capable of getting a secret clearance? I dont mean paying for it yourself, but would you make it?

        a sercret is pretty low.. to get a secret, you have to not have any major convictions, basically.

        if you can get a secret, you have a promising career ahead of you ;)

        Most DoD contracting isnt doing stuff like making weapons. I mean, hell, I do Video Teleconferencing and web design, lol.

        If you're interested, you can check out... (careers section - they're a pretty small co

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