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Comment Re:It's not innovative (Score 1) 133

The FDA should at least be required to "show its work" in any rejections. Exactly why did Teva, which is one of the largest generics manufacturers in the world market, have its product rejected?

Then I would go farther and allow doctors and patients to make up their own minds about FDA-tested products, whether accepted or rejected. If a rejection was for some paperwork problem or a situation that applies only to a limited class of patients that does not include yourself, why not prescribe it anyway?

Comment I do residential IT services... (Score 1) 195

Because the biggest single problem my customers have is remembering passwords, the first thing I tell them is write them all down in a safe place. Everyone has a good place they can hide a sheet of paper.

I'm fully aware that a significant fraction of the password cheat sheets will end up taped to the monitor, but in my customer demographic the online threat and the physical breakin threat are totally disjoint. Even their laptops seldom leave the house.

Comment Hofstra vs the First Amendment (Score 1) 170

Because a presidential political debate is a public function from which reporters are expected to file stories as part of their editorial function, Hofstra has no business preventing people from using their own cellular communications and should be massively spanked for this action. Besides, it's a university, with a crapton of money rolling in from those huge tuitions, not a hotel trying to run a business - though the FCC has already ruled that convention hotels can't do this either..

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 201

Regulations could keep SpaceX from using any specific launch facility in the US, but nothing prevents it from going to some hungry little place elsewhere in the world. On the other hand NASA, with the best of intentions, is fully subject to domestic politics. That's why it wisely sticks to unmanned probes these days. Let risk be for the private sector.

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