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Comment Editors: Please stop posting stupid topics (Score 0) 401

Yes, these idiotic posts get lots of responses... But do you really want to be the next Gawker?

For any young programmers out there, forget these stupid polls. Instead, take a look at job postings on craigslist, indeed, etc. to see what your local market demands. This post, for instance, excludes c# which is a very marketable language. Ditto w/ SQL.

Comment Sarbanes-Oxley evidently does not apply to banks (Score 1) 341

Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) was supposed to mandate C-level knowledge and responsibility for all actions. Yet here we are with no SOX charges.

WF's C-levels were either aware of the activity or ignorant. If ignorant then this is a SOX violation.

As a bonus, this is Elizabeth Warren's province, and she is exposed for the toothless sellout she really is.

FYI, a much better article on the subject.

Comment Re:Could you gush a little more? (Score 2, Informative) 427

The incredible -- or just-precious -- part of it is that InfoWorld believes there is enough of any critical mass of programmers or software industry decision-makers who still frequent Slashdot to make this a worthwhile media buy for them.

Well, I'm both a programmer and a decision maker, and I really wonder about the motivation of someone who would pick Java for a new project. Oracle is beyond toxic.

I'm a certified Java Programmer (1.4) and really don't advertise it any more. Oracle's Java is dead to me.

Comment Re:Requirements (Score 1) 286

After NoteStudio folded, I was lost until I found Evernote. Being able to link notes together, wiki-style, is a signifiant feature that's lost in many note-taking apps, at least the ones I was looking at when we lost NoteStudio. Maybe I'll look at OneNote again. It was a dog when I last used it: Too complicated and slow.

Submission + - Will there be a convergence of memory (RAM) and storage (SSD)? If so, how soon?

cupcakewalk writes: As the price of SSDs has come down and their reliability and life span has gone up, I've often wondered if the distinction between memory and storage would cease to exist. Will we get to the place that the memory in one's device equals the amount of free space in one's storage? I know there are many factors, and I don't know which ones to focus on. Each has many numbers associated with them.
Is the volatile/non-volatile difference enough to simply say they might never become one? Assuming the OS could handle a dynamic firewall between them, is this a bad idea? Are we ever going to be free of not having enough RAM?

Submission + - Disappearing stuff from the internet (nakedcapitalism.com) 1

inode_buddha writes: Its well-known that removing something from the internet is nearly impossible, like taking the pee out of the pool. That said, somebody or something is doing a credible job of trying lately. First there was the UCDavis pepper-spray video. Now its a Bernie Sanders ad. Nobody seems to know who or why but it was on the net for a few hours and it is rapdly being pulled and scrubbed. Any one got ideas?

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