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Comment Re:Could you gush a little more? (Score 1, Informative) 380

The incredible -- or just-precious -- part of it is that InfoWorld believes there is enough of any critical mass of programmers or software industry decision-makers who still frequent Slashdot to make this a worthwhile media buy for them.

Well, I'm both a programmer and a decision maker, and I really wonder about the motivation of someone who would pick Java for a new project. Oracle is beyond toxic.

I'm a certified Java Programmer (1.4) and really don't advertise it any more. Oracle's Java is dead to me.

Comment Re:Requirements (Score 1) 286

After NoteStudio folded, I was lost until I found Evernote. Being able to link notes together, wiki-style, is a signifiant feature that's lost in many note-taking apps, at least the ones I was looking at when we lost NoteStudio. Maybe I'll look at OneNote again. It was a dog when I last used it: Too complicated and slow.

Submission + - Will there be a convergence of memory (RAM) and storage (SSD)? If so, how soon?

cupcakewalk writes: As the price of SSDs has come down and their reliability and life span has gone up, I've often wondered if the distinction between memory and storage would cease to exist. Will we get to the place that the memory in one's device equals the amount of free space in one's storage? I know there are many factors, and I don't know which ones to focus on. Each has many numbers associated with them.
Is the volatile/non-volatile difference enough to simply say they might never become one? Assuming the OS could handle a dynamic firewall between them, is this a bad idea? Are we ever going to be free of not having enough RAM?

Submission + - Disappearing stuff from the internet ( 1

inode_buddha writes: Its well-known that removing something from the internet is nearly impossible, like taking the pee out of the pool. That said, somebody or something is doing a credible job of trying lately. First there was the UCDavis pepper-spray video. Now its a Bernie Sanders ad. Nobody seems to know who or why but it was on the net for a few hours and it is rapdly being pulled and scrubbed. Any one got ideas?

Comment President is in charge of Dept of Justice (Score 1) 314

Under the Consitution, the Congressional branch is the most powerful, and can certainly stall either a Sanders or Trump.

However, the President controls the Dept of Justice, so can bring significant charges against the banking and medical industries. Imagine an SEC that actually does it's job. Ditto w/ the Dept of Treasury. A President should be able to cause significant disruption for the Federal Reserve.

Were either Sanders or Trump to win, to me the greatest threats are assassination and removal from office by the Senate. Impeachment by the House is almost a given.

Comment Re:Can a Hillary supporter step up and explain? (Score 1) 634

Sorry for the Fox link, but here is an example of email that cannot be justified. People will die as a result of this.

"At least one of the emails on Hillary Clinton's private server contained extremely sensitive information identified by an intelligence agency as "HCS-O," which is the code used for reporting on human intelligence sources in ongoing operations, according to two sources not authorized to speak on the record."

Comment Re:Can a Hillary supporter step up and explain? (Score 2) 634

You say " the information in those emails was not classified at the time it was sent, then there has been no real wrongdoing here".

Demonstrably false. If the person had reason to believe the material should be classified then they are obliged to treat it as classified.

Given that we know some e-mails were SCI-level intelligence, there is reasonable suspicion she should have believed it should be treated as classified.

If you disagree, is she really competent to be reading classified material in the first place?

Comment Re:Take back Slashdot (Score 1) 1310

I support AC. I used to moderate extensively but ever since I gave +5 to "fuck beta" posts I lost my mod points. Don't know if I was somehow banned behind the scenes from moderation, but ever since then I've posted AC because there was no point in signing in.

Slashdot moderation is unique, and far preferable to reddit.

Please leave AC and moderation unchanged. Thanks!

Comment Re:Gorbachev's off the cuff comment I heard live (Score 1) 210

What should not be forgotten is how bad the CIA estimates were on the Soviet economy. They were utter crap. I cannot stress this enough, and I encourage anyone interested in the topic to read the highly-rated (at the time) US texts on Soviet economy.

Virtually all highly rated US texts in 1980-1999 on Soviet/Russian economy were garbage.

So, what does this say about the CIA?

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