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Comment Re:Adultery should be exposed (Score 1) 706

Don't expect to betray spouses and remain anonymous

Oh fuck you and your pitchfork-wielding certainty of moral righteousness. You have no idea what the motives of the users actually are - what if it's a working girl? What if it's a gay person from a country where that's not legal? What if it's someone who has an arrangement with their spouse where this is ok, but wants the other party to have some skin in the game? And even if these users have the motivation you seem to think, it's really none of your business - stay the fuck out of it.

Comment Re:The root of the problem. (Score 1) 398

Straw man. I have no problem with generalisations. I have a problem with unsubstantiated generalisations that are used to justify things unjustifiably. In this case, women are helpers by nature and don't like machines (sic) therefore this is why they're under-represented in STEM. It's just a crock from start to finish.

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