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Comment Re:Can't eat what you don't grow (Score 1) 690

I'm not going to reply to most of your statements because they are too stupid to deserve a response (eg. all Greeks own flats and boats) but I'd like to comment on these three bits that prove you are not to be taken seriously:

4) If you fly to Channia on Crete, your plane lands like 20km outside of the city. Just in time there is a bus that brings you into the city, a normal landline bus. If you enter the bus they don't sell you a ticket. Trying to convince you that the bus is 'special' and you need to take a taxi/cab. Usually there is a luggage compartment below the bus, with your luggage. While you are arguing with the ticket seller, someone will throw out your luggage onto the road. No chance. When you get out to collect it, the bus departs and you have to take a cab. Second time I knew the drill. Took my luggage inside, was anyway only a small and a big rucksack. The ticket seller tried to throw me out by force! 'Unfortunately' a greek living in my hometown who was in the same plane told him, he knew me. So suddenly the ticket seller sold me a ticket for like 20cents our day money. On the other hand, it had not looked good if a 25 year old tourist punches a 60 year old ticket seller into the face.

That reminds me a story when I was traveling from Amsterdam to Hamburg (another example of rich Greeks who travel, right?) and the ticket inspector would refuse to accept my ticket which I had bought at a travel agent instead of the train station. Of course my ticket was valid and when the inspector called the offices (muttering some German words about Greeks) he then realized he was wrong and yet he didn't apologize. Perhaps our inability to communicate in English was the reason. But in your case, the problem is that the ticket seller actually gave you a ticket, instead of calling the authorities. Why ? Because you were not allowed to to carry a big rucksack in a "normal landline" bus.You are only allowed to bring luggage that you can carry by hand. This is an important regulation to allow passengers to safely travel by bus. But I guess the threat of a 25 year old tourist punching a 60 year old person is too much to handle.

After or during my basket ball tournament my team, like 12 people plus trainer plus some relatives of our greek team mate where for a long long long night dinner. We ate like maniacs for 4 or 5 hours and drank wine for minimum 2 more hours. Needless to say: the dishes where excellent, we could not really stop. Usually we just ordered like '3 of those and 4 of that and 5 this' and simply shared it and took something different the next order. Trust me, the end bill was less than $20, perhaps only $15 for each of us. We drank ca. 6 hours the most expensive wine of the house. (Makes no difference for a 'fucking rich german' if a liter of wine costs 75cents or 110cents ... how much wine are you actually going to drink?) [...] Point is: we had a bill of perhaps $300, in our days money. The amount they tried to cheat us over was less than $5. Whats the point?

The point is that you are clearly confused. The most expensive wine in the house, even in the lowliest Greek tavern should cost $100 a bottle at least. If you stayed 6 hours, drank wine for 2 hours and had "excellent dishes" and you've paid $20 each, then 1) You've robbed the tavern or 2) You didn't realize that you had actually ordered the cheapest wine. Even so, you've still robbed the tavern.

two years ago we where sailing around the Cyclades. A german boat and two chartered greek boats. The german captain attempted a joke. "We have a problem!" - "What is it? Do you need assistance?" - "No, it can't be helped!" - "What is it?" ... "The beer is empty!!". Bad bad bad joke. Note: that was a normal 'fun call' on channel 16, no distress/mayday/SOS. 2 hours later a greek coast guard patrol came along. Insisting they had heard a 'we have a problem' call. After talking a bit they ordered the german boat to approach the next harbour, escorting it. (I spare the details)

Indeed, spare the details. This is painful to read. Your stupid captain made a stupid joke, you mobilized the coast guard ("On a Sunday!") and they taught you a lesson. Did you learn it ? Did you realize that you can't make such "jokes" ? I pity you because you seem to have come to Greece so many times and yet you think Greeks are "cheaters/tricksters/fraudsters" etc. Did you realize there is a possibility that you are just another silly tourist ?

Submission + - SPAM: Mobile Revolution

An anonymous reader writes: The mobile space is a complicated ecosystem of apps, devices, technologies and networks. MacroMobis helps clients leverage the power of the components in this ecosystem and improves business.
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Submission + - SPAM: Your promise is mocking you? 1

An anonymous reader writes: The main goal of Promishare is helping people fulfill their promises through public commitments. With a clear and intuitive graphics, the Promishare app can readily get started today. Each user will take a great liking in the innovative interface and motivational notifications.
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Submission + - Google admits tax laws need to change (

An anonymous reader writes: The managing director of Googleâ(TM)s Australia and New Zealand operations has called on governments to clarify grey areas in the global tax system and put an end to a blame game of shaming individual companies over transfer pricing practices. She said Google contributed to the economy in many areas, but the company supported the idea of changes in tax law.

Submission + - $3000 GeForce GTX TITAN Z Tested, Less Perf than $1500 R9 295X2 (

Vigile writes: NVIDIA announced its latest dual-GPU flagship card, the GeForce GTX Titan Z, at the GPU Technology Conference in late March with a staggering price point of $2999. Since that time, AMD announced and released the Radeon R9 295X2, its own dual-GPU card with a price tag of $1499. PC Perspective finally put the GTX Titan Z to the test and found that from a PC gamers view, the card is way overpriced for the performance it offers. At both 2560x1440 and 3840x2160 (4K) the R9 295X2 offered higher and more consistent frame rates sometimes by as much as 30%. The AMD card also only takes up two slots (though it does have a water cooling radiator to worry about) while the NVIDIA GTX Titan Z is a three-slot design. The Titan Z is quieter and uses much less power, but gamers considering a $1500 or $3000 graphics card selection are likely not overly concerned with power efficiency.

Submission + - Biodegradable Fibers as Strong as Steel Made From Wood Cellulose (

Zothecula writes: A team of researchers working at Stockholm's KTH Royal Institute of Technology claim to have developed a way to make cellulose fibers stronger than steel on a strength-to-weight basis. In what is touted as a world first, the team from the institute's Wallenberg Wood Science Center claim that the new fiber could be used as a biodegradable replacement for many filament materials made today from imperishable substances such as fiberglass, plastic, and metal. And all this from a substance that requires only water, wood cellulose, and common table salt to create it.

Comment Re:more downgrades (Score 1) 688

I have used my voice reader many times with Pale Moon and works perfectly. I have studied Firefox's accessibility features list and I haven't found anything that isn't supported by Pale Moon or the OS. I am using Pale Moon with font override for months since I don't want to give web authors another means to connect to Google for custom fonts.

I didn't care for the optimizations either, though people in the forums claim the gains are tangible. I started using Pale Moon after Firefox v4 because I didn't like re-editing my userchrome.css file every time Mozilla decided that Firefox needed a face lift.

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