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Comment Re:If Edge is as good as MS says it is... (Score 1) 261

Just because someone doesn't want to try it out, doesn't make it okay for the choice to be forced on you. I've tried it, and it sucks. Of course, I'm in your demographic as a Slachdot user who also still uses Pine, hates systemd, firewalld and a host of other new technologies that really don't improve things.

Comment Re:How is everyone supposed to use Emacs? (Score 1) 524

Ridiculous! I've been using Emacs for almost two decades as a sysadmin and developer and use the control key combinations thousands of times a day. The arthritis and RSI have never gotten in the way of me being able to do my job in any significant manner.

Honestly, I do find the Ctrl+[ key combination more ergonomic than removing my fingers from the home row to hit the escape key.

Comment opinions (Score 2) 515

I've been using Linux since '94 and I've used nearly every major desktop environment at some point along the way. In my experience, the biggest problem KDE has isn't features. KDE is everything I actually want in a desktop (other than using minimal resources like traditional window manager fluxbox). The problem is that the environment is buggy and/or unstable. Every once in a while, I will try to use KDE as my desktop and I will only last a few months before going back to Mate/gnome2, XFCE or something like icewm. The list of odd behaviors would be too long to post here but I've had endless problems with Kopete, Kmail, Korg, Konq (browser) and many others. In comparison, I can leave up a gtk based desktop for weeks to months at a time without thinking about it with a similar compliment of apps (Pidgin, Tbird, FF, etc.) and rarely run into any weirdness.

They have the features, they just need to really nail down the stability, clean up the cartoon fonts, and set the default settings to something more usable. Admittedly, I'm overdue for a test run of plasma 5.

Comment Screwed (Score 4, Interesting) 618

Seriously. If Slashdot, of all places, can't have a reasonable conversation about the science behind this topic without the deniers dominating the discussion then there really is no hope. We should just defund any climate research and put all that money into coal and oil discovery and extraction research. Game over. Why delay the end point? It's not like there's any political will to do anything serious about it anyway.

Comment RAM? (Score 1) 191

ZFS is seriously cool in many ways, but you pay for that with some pretty significant RAM requirements for a file system driver. If I remember correctly, you need about 8GB of RAM to really make use of ZFS. I think it's great that they're including it with the distribution, but it wouldn't make sense to have this as the default file system. At least not until the average system out there is running with 16GB of RAM.

Comment tweaks. (Score 1) 1839

I'm a little late to the party. Since I've been here a little while, I thought I'd throw in my $.02. Hope you're still reading this thread. What I'd like to see in no particular order:
1. https support
2. Beef up YRO with more posts - there's absolutely no shortage of material on this one.
3. More Free software/OSS news. Remember, it's news for NERDS.
4. Less politics unless it applies to #2
5. Overall, the site seems to have trended to more superficial posts over the past several years - I'd like to see more depth in the articles.
6. Clean up the spelling and grammar. Seriously, it's not that hard to proofread a paragraph or two before going live. We're mostly adults here and it makes the site look very unprofessional. This was better 15 years ago than it is now.
7. I, for one, welcome our new overlords. Please, don't kill the trolls. The hot grits, Natalie Portman, Soviet Russia, goatse links etc. all add to the unique culture of the site. Seriously.

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