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Comment Re:Owning faults (Score 1) 219

One thing that I find around here that so many people on this site bring up the bigotry that has occurred because of religion, yet anytime religion comes up, a majority of people around here love to spout off how much they hate religious people because they are religious. Pure bigotry. Yet religion is the cause of bigotry, apparently.

Comment Re:Crime rate is lower in facilities... (Score 2, Insightful) 219

I'm sorry, but I completely disagree with your sentiment. If there was a problem with your line that caused a 911 call to be made, you cannot fault the police with following protocol. How can they know that it was a problem with your line that caused the call to take place? How are they to know that you didn't do something to your girlfriend that caused her to call 911, only for you to hang up the phone before she could do or say anything? In that case, it is perfectly logical that they would conduct a search of your apartment in order to ensure that you didn't do something further to her because she tried to call for help.
I mean, why should the police believe you that there was nothing wrong? Because you said so? Sorry, not a good enough reason. Had something actually happened, and they simply left because you said there was some kind of mistake, and a body was later found, the public outcry would have been enormous.

The police just can't win. We expect them to do their jobs, but when they do do their jobs, people get angry because they might be a bit inconvenienced. I just don't understand it.

Comment Re:Addicted. (Score 5, Interesting) 234

I was going to reply with comments related to the Constitution(specifically the Bill of Rights), how the court system works, the various court cases the Supreme Court has ruled on regarding protests and freedom of speech, and other facets of how the law protects you from government abuse related to freedom of speech and protest/demonstrations, but then I remembered that this is Slashdot, and the government is always bad, and corporations are always better than the government.

I sometimes forget that I am in the minority around here when it comes to trust of the government vs. trust of corporations(I trust the government more than I trust corporations, though I have a healthy wish for privacy). I am one of those that thinks Orwell is overrated(I like the stories, but I don't see them happening), with Huxley's Brave New World being my dystopian present/future to be feared.

Comment Re:What's an "industry-recognized standard"? (Score 3, Insightful) 310

Learn how to use punctuation. If you want anyone to take notice of what you have to say in a meaningful way, you must learn to use punctuation. There are no commas, apostrophes, or periods anywhere in your paragraph, although there are quotation marks for your expressed sarcasm.

The fact that you are complaining about Obama shows that you are likely American. The fact that you do not seem to understand basic grammar is embarrassing. Perhaps before you try to enact sweeping change via Internet message boards, you should learn how to communicate properly.

Comment Re:It's probably cheaper than the alternatives (Score 0, Troll) 222

If a doctor(never mind whether the doctor is reputable, he is a doctor) recommends that I do heroin to help with my stubbed toe, should the government and insurance companies pay for it, simply because some doctor says that it would help rehabilitate me? All that your plan would do is increase doctor shopping. People would stop going to actual doctors and would go to fly-by-night doctors in order to get a cheap Wii. It would actually increase fraud, not weed out most of it.

Any exercise that this man could do on a Wii Fit is an exercise he could do without it. If he ends up getting one, I can only hope he is forced to give it back once he has been fully rehabilitated.

Comment Re:Competing Isn't Cheap (Score 4, Interesting) 317

If you were to ask me, I would say Microsoft(no $ in there, by the way). I do not trust Google at all. It is not that I trust Microsoft so much as I do not trust Google at all. The fact that Google is just an advertising company that does search compared to Microsoft actually having products to support itself is a major factor in my decision.

Comment Re:Apple behind this? (Score 1) 372

And, by definition, you are a waste of resources and should be torn in half. And fed to the dogs.

Even if Google has a monopoly in some market, they are doing nothing illegal by merely existing. Since you can't grasp this point, you really are too deficient to bother with.

And yet you found time to bother with me. How nice.

I was going to go through and explain every bit of my post so possibly you could understand what I was saying. However, a brief look at your previous posts shows that you are merely a bitter troll who has an axe to grind and has nothing to offer the conversation.

There, I fed you, troll. Can the grownups talk now?

Comment Re:Apple behind this? (Score 1) 372

IOW, Google can unintentionally squish something that might have been really cool, and that invisible loss may ultimately not be in the public good.

I don't think there is anything unintentional that occurs when Google squishes a rival product or service. Google knows exactly what will happen when it enters a market that previously existed on a for-profit system and offers services and goodies for free that automatically work with its other services and goodies.

Comment Re:Apple behind this? (Score 1) 372

Consider for a second that "google" has become a verb, meaning 'to search online'. Then tell me that Google hasn't incredibly overwhelmed the competition so much that it cannot be considered balanced competition. By your very definition, Google is a monopoly, and should be broken up. Granted, I would say that Google is not a monopoly simply because it is the leader, but rather because it uses it enormous cash reserves and image to enter new markets, overtake them, and move on to new markets, in a cycle.

Also, I can easily build a computer, and install Linux on it. Apple conducts anti-competitive practices, and should be slapped for it.

As for examples of where to buy computers with Linux and OSX on them...Well, here goes:

Dell has Ubuntu here

Best Buy sells Apple computers(both in-store and online)

And of course, the Apple Store

Granted, it's only a few, but these are pretty much the main places most people buy computers. Perhaps the reason that Windows is everywhere is because...people prefer it.

Comment Re:Georgia will be a safe haven after the Rapture (Score 1) 222

Didn't people also believe that barcodes were the Mark of the Beast? And RFID on packaging? And the Dollar? And the Euro? And now there is the implantable microchip. People, make up your mind already! I need to know which random technology to abhor and shout against!

While I am not in favor of implantable microchips, this has more to do with the speed of evolution in technology vs. length of my life and privacy fears rather than any religious apocalyptic fear.

Comment Re:And he decided to pay the late fees... (Score 4, Funny) 146

"Shoot it!"

"But's it's former President George Washington! That's practically treason!"

"It wants our brains! Shoot it! It's coming through the door!"

"But, but...President! Founding Father! George Washington!"

"Zombie Apocalypse begins today if you don't shoot it!"

"But this is the Father of our Country"

"I don't care, give me the gun!"


" shot George Washington...Who...Who are you?"

"Ash Williams. You can thank me now."

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