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Submission + - Gadget Lab Hardware News and Reviews Zune Hackers (

AnotherUsername writes: A three member developer team has created a toolkit that will allow developers to create programs for the Zune and ZuneHD. The toolkit, called OpenZDK allows for homebrew application development that includes making new applications, porting old ones, creating emulators and possibly having a rogue app store. Currently, there are no applications or games for the development kit yet. The OpenZDK wiki has tips for getting started, though.

Submission + - The FCC Wants You to Test Your Broadband Speeds ( 1

AnotherUsername writes: The FCC is asking the nation's broadband and smartphone users to use its broadband testing tools to help the feds and consumers know what speeds are actually available, not just promised by the nation's telecoms.

By going to, users enter their address and test their broadband download speed, upload speed, latency, and jitter using one of two tests(users can choose to test with the other after one test is complete). The FCC is requiring the street address, as it may use this data to analyze broadband quality and availability on a geographic basis.

The FCC isn’t forgetting about those left out of the broadband revolution and is asking those who live in a broadband “Dead Zone” by filling out a report online, calling the FCC at -888-CALL-FCC, faxing the e-mail or even sending a letter through the Postal Service.

The announcement comes just six days before the FCC presents the first ever national broadband plan to Congress. Goals include 100 million Americans with 100 Mbps service by 2010, bringing affordable broadband to rural and urban areas, and helping digital laggards get online.

The FCC is collecting IP addresses, along with physical addresses, but is not asking for names or e-mail addresses. They promise not to release the street addresses, with some exceptions noted in the privacy policy. A free Java plug-in is necessary to run the test.


Submission + - Music blogs wrongly deleted for infringement (

AnotherUsername writes: Recently, many music blogs were deleted for hosting mp3s of songs by various artists. The problem? The music blogs in question had been given permission to host the songs, and often, the older links to mp3s were often broken intentionally by the bloggers in order to save bandwidth.

From the article: "You’re reading this right: Five years of Lipold’s labor of love was deleted, in part, because he posted a track with full permission of a label, and the track apparently wasn’t even online by the time the IFPI filed its complaint."

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