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Submission + - Dirt Cheap Science Hobbies 1

AnonymousClown writes: I am trying to find a natural science hobby that's dirt cheap — ultimately free. And the more time outdoors the better — meaning anything CS or Math related is out (sitting in front of the computer or at a desk is not fun.).

I have looked into naked eye astronomy but with all the light pollution, I am limited to solar and lunar observations and maybe a couple of very bright stars and planets. I currently do some bird watching and have been getting a kick out of Humming bird behavior, but Winter is coming and my subjects will be leaving soon. I also want more than whats available in those kits in hobby stores and sites. I have been poking around the amateur science sites like SAS and have not had much success — most things are equipment intensive. I talked to some mineral hunters and they are huge on travel and some of their activities I'm not fond of (trespassing on construction sites and risking arrest). So far, my best idea is Botany — thanks to the huge gardening culture, there's plenty of information and tools available for free or dirt cheap.

Any other suggestions?

Submission + - Shady Porn Sites put "users" at risk. (

AnonymousClown writes: Most of the ways porn site viewers are exploited is with redirecting traffic to boost numbers. On the other hand, if you have a vulnerable browser and OS combination, you could be asking for some serious trouble. From the article:

The researchers analysed the 269,000 websites hosted on the 35,000 domains to see which hosted malicious software. About 3.23% of these sites were booby-trapped with adware, spyware and viruses.

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