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Comment Re:Moronic Subject for an Article (Score 1) 207

Java is the new COBOL

So your CFO and auditor can read it?

I don't think you understand the point of COBOL, which is "while it is very long-winded and a struggle to write, it is possible for lay people to read, and (at least the evidence suggests) maintain 50 year old code after the original author has died".

If you write COBOL, you probably spend two days reading the background info and requirements docs for every ten minutes you spend writing code anyway.

Good luck getting an accountant to understand 50 year old Java.

That's true, in theory. I've also seen COBOL code that's nearly as unreadable as the worst Perl crap I've seen, and I'm pretty sure the reason the original author died is suicide after the boss wanted him to make changes to the damn thing.

Comment Re:A president who cannot separate personal affair (Score 1) 526

I've sent email to my boss requesting time off. He doesn't pry into the reason, as long as I catch up with whatever I've missed when I get back.

My boss probably wouldn't be happy if you had access to my work email. It's not "Top Secret", but there's quite a bit of "None of Your Business" stuff in there. Luckily, it's not in a server in my basement.

Comment Re:A president who cannot separate personal affair (Score 1) 526

Do you completely separate your personal email from the work-related email? Have you ever mentioned work-related items in personal correspondence? Have you ever mentioned personal matters in work email?

Yes, I have separate email accounts for work and home. No, I've never mentioned work-items in my personal email. And no, my boss and cow-orkers don't need to read about my yoga classes.

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