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Comment Re:Folks, have your license and registration ready (Score 1) 293

"Lowering the windows is especially important if your state allows you to tint all of the side windows."

Also, my car has electric windows, so I'd want to open my driver's window before turning off my engine. It would suck if the cop thought I was trying to flee because I had to start the car to roll down the window.

Comment Re:Only if it's affordable (Score 1) 265

At one time there were small grocery stores every couple of blocks. Only when people proved willing to drive for a simple task like shopping, did they all go out of business and consolidate into a single neighborhood super market that's nowhere that anyone can walk.

Don't get me started on this. Way back in ancient times, in the house I grew up in, there were 3 grocery stores within a few blocks, and a 4th that I could have gone to (I don't remember why I didn't). Nowdays, that house is in the middle of a "food desert" with the nearest store well over a mile away (that's each way, not round trip). My last house should have had a store a block away, but it closed just before I moved in! I've given up walking to the store.

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