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Comment Re:Will automated cars lift or stiffle the poor (Score 1) 239

If people want to share a car, why don't they do it now? Oh yeah because you're screwed if someone else gets in an accident with a vehicle you have owned and insured. Unless insurance and liability laws change, sharing a vehicle will be as stupid then as it is now.

There's also the problem of cleaning up the various fluids from the drunks who used the car before you.

Comment Re:Linux supported Kaby Lake features in March (Score 1) 276

I must not be operating around the right people. If dual booting is too hard to click a couple buttons during install, and highlighting the desired boot in grub, then exactly how are people going to fix their webcam or soundcard when a W10 update fucks their computer?

You need to be really really smart to install and use Linux, better to stick with W10, then what? I guess you just buy a new computer because everything is too damn hard....

As too often happens, it's not always as easy as it sounds. The last time I tried to install Ubuntu, it went fine, until i dual-booted back into Windows. That borked my MBR so I couldn't get into Ubuntu. Yes, I could fix it, but the next time I booted into Doze, it happened again. This was just booting, not installing/upgrading.

But you do have a point. W10's borked updates are killing the "just works" advantage Win had over Linux.

Comment Re:Linux supported Kaby Lake features in March (Score 1) 276

Kindasorta. A modern Linux distro is pretty darned easy to install and use. Boot from CD with an internet connection, and a couple clicks later, you are cookin'.

That makes several assumptions:

1. The computer still has a CD drive
2. All the hardware and peripherals work with Linux (often true with modern distros, but not always)
3. The user can give the finger to their Doze software (dual-booting is harder than just having one OS)

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