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Comment Re:Like and unlike before (Score 1) 197

2) Unlike before, there is such a huge quantity of material available for viewing, most people could spend their entire lives watching things they've never seen before running out. The only hit will be current pop culture, and trust me: Most people would be happier without it.

That's my situation. I have a bleepload of stuff on Netflix that I haven't gotten to yet, and another pile on Hulu. And that's just the stuff that's on my list.

Comment Re:Most *people* don't have a realistic view. (Score 1) 540

That's exactly my problem. I've saved, and I'm probably in better shape for retirement than the vast majority. But is it enough?

I'll probably live to be over 100, partly because of family history, mostly because that's the worst case financially. I'll probably get whatever disease is most expensive, and the nation's leaders will bankrupt all the services. :(

Comment Re:Don't knock DSL just because it's DSL. (Score 1) 166

I agree about reliability. Way back around 2003, I was having serious trouble with Time Warner internet. They claimed to be faster than DSL. They probably were, but for me, they went down at the drop of a hat. Any hat. Anywhere in the world.

DSL might have been slower, but it was much more reliable.

Comment Re:Germany has a long history of data privacy conc (Score 3, Insightful) 78

Twitter has an entirely different problem - the German language tend to be far more complicated than English. What fits into 140 characters in English can easily reach 200 characters in German, and even then be very imprecise. Most Germans tend to use it as a glorified news feed, less as something interactive.

Good point. All it takes is a few of those long German words, and they're already over the 140 limit.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 440

Long ago, I didn't have a dryer. I had clotheslines outside and in the basement. It took a long time to dry in the basement because of the humidity, and sometimes the clothes smelled. It took even longer to dry outside because when I hung them out, it would rain! If it didn't the clothes would smell from the bird droppings!

Needless to say, I much prefer the dryer.

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