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Journal Journal: Observe my fortelling powrs...

A few weeks ago, I posted this:

...the risk of people being imprisoned in a US prison will fall into that category [inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment] and prevent an extradition sometime within the next 10 years or so. ... I would not be at all surprised if 'life-without-parol-in-a-supermax' is next [after the death peanlty], and not within a great length of time.

And what do we see?

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered a halt to the extradition to the US on terror charges of radical cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri.
Abu Hamza, jailed in the UK for soliciting to murder and racial hatred, and three other British men complained about the length of sentence they may face if convicted in the US.
Their cases will be delayed for further submissions to the Strasbourg court. ...

In each case, the US has indicated that the men face very long sentences in a "supermax" prison in Colorado.
The four applicants argued that the length of sentences they faced and the conditions of the prison, ADX Florence, breached their human rights.
The European Court said judges wanted to see more detailed arguments on the prison conditions and the effect of the length of sentences. ...

The other men could face a form of solitary confinement that some critics have dubbed prolonged psychological torture.
The court said there should be further legal argument on whether life without parole at the prison would breach the suspects' human rights. ...

But it said that the arguments over the length of the sentences that the men could face "raised serious questions".
Abu Hamza, Mr Ahmad and Mr Ahsan face life sentences and US prosecutors have said that Abu Hamza could be jailed for 100 years. Mr Aswat faces a maximum of 50 years.

Now, the extraditions have not been blocked entirely, but it seems that the court is not willing to just assume that sentences dished out in the USA will be just.

Now, the question is, how will the USA respond? Will it grow up and stop trying to give out absurd 100 years sentences? Or will it accuse the ECHR or being in league with terrorists?

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Journal Journal: oh, wonderful

nothing like idiots being given moderator priviliges...
How is that redundant? the original analogy (hit parent a few times) between cracking DRM and breaking into a house compared the breaking into the house with copying the contents of the file.
I changed it so that breaking in was analagous to cracking the DRM (the DMCA, breaking-in stuff) and the stealing the contents of the house to stealing the content of the file (the copyright infringement) and inferring that you wouldn't prosecute someone for theft if there was nothing for them to steal.

I suppose some people are just stupid... YOU'LL GET YOURS IN META!!
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Journal Journal: 13 posts -

no modding up. /. needs to assign mod points to more competant moderators ('more competant' being defined as 'mods me up')
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Journal Journal: more mod points, w00tier! 1

Who'd have thought it, two sets of mod points within a few weeks of each other. I must be doing something right, that or the gods of mod-point-handing-out are looking down benevolently on me.

Nice to know that the system works for me. In soviet Russia, of course, I work for the system.

2 days and 4 mod points left - I don't have to blow them as fast as I did last time, which is nice.
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Journal Journal: mod points! w00t

Well well well, after a few months of patiently waiting I got assigned some mod points, apparently having positive karma has some advantages other than getting a better starting score on comments.
Unfortunately, I was assigned them on Sunday, and didn't pick them up until 6pm today, so only had 6 hours to spend them in. I've got just over an hour & 2 mod points left. No, you're not having them.
Did anyone else have the first time jitters about modding anything? I spent at least an hour looking before I found anything I felt willing to commit mod points down for fear of losing karma to meta-moderating.

Still, nice to know that the system works.

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