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Comment Re:Any reason to think that, or completely made it (Score 1) 101

Huh?!?! Do you have some *reason* to even suspect that, much less be "pretty sure" of it. ... Did I miss something, or did you completely make that up out of thin air? Did you just imagine something and you're pretty sure it's true because you were able to imagine it, or do you have some reason think that?

Hey, if the POTUS can do it, why can't Dunbal?

Comment Re:PI is 3 point something (Score 1) 190

I hear ya. I can remember the phone number of my daughter just because it's only a few numbers off of my cell phone. The rest of them, no way, I never have to dial them.
There were some numbers that I couldn't actually tell you without dialing them on a TouchTone pad, they actually became muscle memory.

Comment Re:Learn code easily (Score 1) 190

You just described a Sales Engineer. But I see your point. The OP might be better at Cisco or Juniper writing code and giving input on circuit design for various protocols. Maybe he could do some work on the current BSD TCP/IP stack and related modern routing projects to show that he's not stuck in the 80s (70s?) I've been pushing bits for coming on three decades now and have never run into IPX in the real world.

It depends on the job. If'n you're hired to build the next cookie cutter box store then you're just counting drops and distances between IDFs. But if you're building out something new, maybe this is the guy.

Comment Re:But I want to forget (Score 3, Funny) 190

You see, there is nothing I want to remember. What techniques can manage that?

a) Drink vodka until death by liver failure
b) Tequila works too
c) JATO + Pontiac
d) JATO + Pontiac in an enclosed garage (not as fun)
e) Hey y'all, watch this! (Might require a few tries)
f) Long walk on a short pier with Doc Martins
g) Know something that Putin doesn't want you to know
h) P&T's Bullet trick without understanding how it's done
i) Ya know how on your first day of prison you're suppose to pick a fight with the meanest guy? Yeah, that will work.
j) Get a help desk job with supplied binder
k) If you have remembered the techniques then you have already failed
l) Sure I can replace this outlet without turning off the breaker, I'll just be careful
m) That looks like the right type of mushroom
n) When in Mosul telling ISIS that it's okay, you're an atheist
o) Just keep walking downtown with the headphones on while posting to Facebook
p) See if you can make it across the lake on your snowmobile in November
q) Spring break
r) Driving while black
s) Trying to reenact the D.B.Cooper hijacking
t) Quaaludes
u) Kick Chuck Norris in the ass
v) Piss off the Clintons
w) Speak directly to Barbara Bush
x) Go hunting with Dick Cheney
y) Ignore red tide warnings when clamming
z) 72 hour pornhub marathon

Comment Re:Learn code easily (Score 3, Insightful) 190

That just takes two things, practice and obsession.

People often ask me how to "get into" computers, as in getting into IT. My answer is that if you're not already "into" computers, then it's too late. Oh you might take a class and get a help desk job, but if you really want to do computers and haven't been dumpster diving for them, well then you just don't have it.

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