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Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 224

Can't even remember the last time I used Windows.

I can - it was two weeks ago. I booted Windows for the first time in about 18 months to open a .doc a family member had been sent by a government department that would not format correctly in LibreOffice.

Turns out it would not format correctly in Word either! It needed Word95 or something!

Comment Re:Anxiously awaiting opinions (Score 1) 104

My patent lawyer said "Don't read the patents. If you do, then you will face a charge of willful infringement. If you have not read it, the infringement is not willful".

It is highly unlikely that the wording of the patent is relevant to the court case, as none of the jurors will know anything technical, or understand the arguments.

Personally, I want to know why the requirement for "a jury of your peers" does not require the jury to be litterate programmers in the language involved, and with knowledge of the arguments, similarly, accounting fraud does not require the jury to be qualified in accountancy, etc. Patent law requires the patent not to be obvious to "someone sufficiently experienced in the art" - Shirley the jury needs to be so qualified to understand the issues.

Comment Re:Hexadecimal (Score 1) 612

Many years ago, far back in time*, the British Minister of Education made the interesting observation that people could be divided into two types: those that could be further divided into sub-types, and those that could not.

This, of course, led directly to the introduction of binary arithmetic in schools (or its being banned, I forget which).

* I remember it as being the same year JFK was assassinated, but I might have been confused by an excess of "Texas School Book Suppository" jokes, and the fact that my mother was programming IBM mainframes in Octal.

Comment Re:Why should you see a rise in income? (Score 1) 722

Money measures power. The affluent do not want to redistribute their deserved power.

The affluent are affluent because we have structured society that enables them to so be. The roles are made by public consent (that is what democracy means). If the public withdraws its consent, you get what happened in the French Revolution, ISIS and Boko Haram. Angry people supporting mindless violence.

There is a good change it will happen in America if the economic system is not fixed. The concept of "deserved" in this context is laughable. It is "deserved - according to half-baked rules cooked up by a bunch of clowns, mostly on the take".

Surely it is obvious that the value of things is determined by peoples' perception. And peoples perceptions are mostly determined by the advertising industry.

"Before killing the lawyers, you might want to start on advertising execs" - Shakespeare's spiritual descendants.

Comment Re: I predict (Score 1) 557

Desktop applications that run on Linux are shitty and amateurish, with a UI that looks like it was designed by monkeys randomly pressing keys on a computer keyboard and support that ranges from shit to non-existant.

And that differs from the desktop applications on Windows?

In particular, in my experience, there is a lot more support for Linux than Windows. In fact, I have been using computers since before Windows was invented, and have NEVER managed to get any useful support from MS, ever. (Very good support for OS/2 from IBM though).

I would support long terms of imprisonment for anyone forcing UI changes on users, regardless of OS - Ribbons, Unity, "flat" Androids: They are all aggravation for the sake of aggravation. The pedals and gear stick on my Ford are the same place they were on my 1955 model Ford. If it works, don't #~$% with the UI!

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