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Comment Re:cheap chinese crap (Score 1) 75

How loud it is in the headphones depends on the output of the amplifier, which depends on how loud the volume is turned up as well as the efficiency of the phones, and a lot of other things as well.

I find a lot of the music I have on my phone is barely audible at the volume limit that requires me to press a button to OK it in case I go deaf. My headphones have good sound quality but presumably are not very sensitive, but the volume of the original recordings clearly varies by over 20dB.

There is clearly no international standard for how many millivolts produces how many dB, and never will be, because it is a stupid idea. However, not as stupid as the report that led to this article. If you need a plan for how to cope with the stupid children of stupid parents this is NOT it! I am pretty sure that very few headphones are as loud as the London Underground trains, but children regularly travel by train.

Disclaimer: I have spent the last week measuring the noise in the server room.

Comment Re:So much for biodiesel use... (Score 4, Interesting) 240

They pollute more, even as they consume less.

This is not really true. The type of polution from engines is heavily influenced by politics. And politics determined that minimising CO2 was more important than the consequences for NOx. Diesel engines used to run without making ANY NOx. However, because of the political need to reduce CO2, they were modified to minimise CO2 regardless of the consequences for NOx.

Totally separately, if you don't have a particulate filter, the particulates are pretty bad. The type of filter that has been widely used depends on burning off the particulates. It is quite easy to design other kinds, but, AFAIK, this type is mandated by law. And it has major problems.

Petrol (Gasoline) engines are significantly worse with regard to all types of emissions but the clean-up solutions in use work a bit better.

Banning diesels will not turn out well. Banning older diesels instead of fitting them with an effective particulate filter is what has caused the current problems. But there is no way the world's politicians will admit they caused the disaster when they can blame the auto industry. And no way America will admit gasoline is worse than diesel.

Comment Re:Wait until they find out (Score 2) 113

A real thin client deployment should have full management backing and a concrete criteria for establishing "need" for a thick PC

Way to go - sabotage the volume sales of PCs - that will help the prices a lot.

I'll give up my desktop just as soon as I can have a 32inch 4K screen, full size hardware keyboard and an internal 1/2" tape drive on my phone. I have an A3 duplex colour printer and my current UPS weighs 40kg - OK, so its not very portable. I work at a desk, and then I stop working and go somewhere else. You may want to work 24 hours a day. I don't.

Comment Re:When do we switch to OpenBSD? (Score 2) 141

So, for a backup to really help, it has to carefully separate code and data

You don't backup the code anyway - its much faster to reinstall from source. I can reinstall OpenBSD and the relevant packages in under an hour. (Yes, I have tried). It helps to keep a script to reinstall all required packages. A tape restore would take 2 1/2 hours. Of course, you may need to do that anyway if the data is compromised. (I assume the disk backups are compromised - if not, obviously it would be quicker, and less data lost to restore them).

These attacks need to be stopped before they happen, not recovered from.
I say Redmond should be nuked from high orbit - its the only way to be sure!

Comment Re:Garage chip (Score 1) 101

Does it have to be small and electronic?

If I had the time and money, I could make a pneumatic version of the PDP8 in a garage (live in London, and cannot currently afford a garage). It would be about the same size as a PDP8/S and might even go as fast! (Using 8E architecture). Read/write paper tape only - no pneumatic TU56's!

PDP8 architecture was open source. I think the PDP11/20 was too. I believe Sparc is also open source, even Sparc64, although actual processors like Sun/Oracle/Fujitsu's are not because there is a lot of extra stuff (glue, peripherals) that are not.

Comment Re:lets play yer wrong (Score 1) 101

I had several PDP11s, at least one of which I used as a personal computer, and they all came with schematics. In fact, DEC supplied complete details of how they worked. I think it was probably necessary before LSI, and people expected it long after.

I had PC schematics, and BIOS listings. I am fairly sure I had Schematics for the Intel 8080 development system, two different 6502 development systems, and a 16 bit National Semis development system which we used as a word processor.

Bill Gates is personally responsible for ending the distribution of schematics.

Comment Re: Wow! (Score 1) 74

I don't think you have ever used an 18 bit computer! Bytes are not part of the plot!

There is a possibility of storing 3 six-bit chars in the 18-bits, but they sure are not bytes.

If you did process bytes with this kind of machine, you probably stored one per word - cos there was no easy means to pack and unpack the bytes. More likely, the machine was designed before the byte was invented (it started with the IBM system 360).

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