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Comment Re:Get Permanent DVD/Bluray Disks (Score 1) 359

You can buy permanent DVD/Bluray disks now that last more than 1000+ years.

And if they don't, when the 1,000 years is up, you get your money back.

I have read back tapes I wrote myself after 30 years. I cant read backup CDs from 5 years ago, and I live in London, so I can't blame the California weather..

Comment Re:disposable media (Score 2) 359

optical media is great because it is Read Only. using a USB flash drive or hard drive is risky because it can get infected with something and then transferred.


I use tape for backup/archive, but to send CNC data to the factory, I use CDs. That way, they cannot claim I sent them something else. Anyway, if you sent them USB sticks/SD cards, they would probably lose them because they are too small (its a FACTORY).

Comment Re:Price differences (Score 1) 166

Android phone can be bought for $100

My THL6C cost GBP36 (less than $50) and has dual sims, latest Android (MegaPlotz or whatever its called, as of July) great reception, clear voice, exchangeable battery, SD card, etc. Camera is a bit naff. Does the job though. My family bought 6 of these, and 5 are still working. The other was lost in the airport, and may be still working I don't know.

One of us owns an Apple of some sort. It is still working on the rare occasions when the battery is not flat.

Reliable reliability data is hard to come by, and this ain't it!

Comment Re: Stop it with the SJW crap!!! (Score 1) 677

Statistics and computer models are not science? And what you say is? on what basis? What do you suppose science is? The collected thoughts of Wuzel Gummage?

They are testable, have been tested, and have past the tests within known limits (which are not exactly close tolerance, I agree), and the results are published, and are available for inspection, are inspected, etc. You clearly lack the skill to do this yourself. However, that does not mean that other people are not sufficiently skilled in the art.

Why is this hard for people to understand?

Because unlike you, loads of people have travelled around the world to a wide variety of places, and report back that the experiences of the people living there confirms the data reported by satellite measurements, etc, and those involved in activities like fishing and farming, which are seriously affected by the climate report that their own experience is one of change over several generations. The models may not be correct to two decimal places - but the sign points in the right direction for sure.

While I accept that GW is being used as a tool for corrupt political funding, that is because the corrupt know which side of the bread has the butter on and if it was global cooling, they would be seeking taxes to fund heating projects instead.

Were you born yesterday, or do you just want us to think that?

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 677

The real problem here, is that the masses prefer to buy (put higher value on) the disposable junk to stuff with long term value. The system then translates this into economic benefits to the rich, but it would still make the rich richer if the poor went for the stuff with long term value - maybe not so rich, so fast, maybe different rich people, I doubt there is much valid data available, because the rich get rich by selling the poor what they will pay for. Same way the poor dispose of their income to make footballers rich - and blame others for it!

Holding up Homer SImpson as a hero, and attacking education like Boko Haram is extremely popular with [trump supporters], while they blame others for the obvious consequences of their own actions.

Condemning experts is a great way to defend your own stupidity, but it doesn't make it any less stupid.

Comment Re:Mobile Web (Score 1) 79

please have text readable at approximately the same apparent size and links that have reasonable bounding boxes across all devices?

No, because the browser on your device does not adhere to any known standards (unless by accident), and the standards do not agree on how big "12 points" is on a mobile screen.

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