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Comment Re:Not wrong, though Windows not even single digit (Score 1, Insightful) 177

You are omitting the main reason: CAPITALISM

Windows is for profit and thus hurling money into advertising, and funding massive amounts of illegal anti-competitive activity are very profitable.

Linux is not for profit, and there corrupt contracts or EULAs, is no big spend on advertising, and no years of illegal and criminal underhand deviousness, and without data-slurping, no backhanded subsidising of bloatware filled laptops, or bribing software providers not to support the competition.

If Joe public and his boss understood the extent to which they are being stiffed, things might be different.

As my aged grandmother used to say "the adverts speak very highly of it, dear" (which, as usual, and was her intentional sarcastic implication, suggests that no one else does, unless bribed).

Comment Re:Collusion is illegal (Score 1) 585

Replacement parts for older cars are only available for as long as stock lasts

In Europe, replacement parts have to be available for 7 years. Otherwise you don't get to sell the car here at all. (Probably why some models are not sold here).

Most of us are shocked that the same rule does not automatically apply to all electronics. The objective is to reduce land fill.

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