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Comment Re:Should have used APPS! (Score 1) 109

what does luddite actually mean?

A follower of Ned Ludd.

Some of Ned's mates smashed up automated weaving looms because they made a lot of weavers redundant. The plot was not very effective.

Eventually, the drop in price of cloth made by automated looms enabled the export of cloth to make England so rich it could afford an Empire*, and even the poor could afford to wear clothes. However, that was after two or three generations of abject poverty.

*Empires cost a lot of money. Sure they make a lot for a few, but in general, they eat money cos of the cost of the military.

Comment Re:Slapping time (Score 1) 652

would like to postpone it and separate the vaccines from each other in order to prevent autism in their children

I would like to postpone it to give my children super powers. However, I would not

  • a)because it wont give them superpowers
  • b)because they may die or be permanently damaged by not having the vaxines

Yes, I have met people who had polio, smallpox, etc., and NO there was never any link to autism whatever. It has been shown that the story came from a combination of bad data and a pathetically useless understanding of basic statistics. (Which is shared by most journalists).

The whole festering pile of dung was made worse by the BBC charter requiring both sides of a story to be represented equally, regardless of the fact that one side is the position of a gang of gibbering nutcases, and the other is presented by the people who went and found out the facts. (I am not sure this problem is completely fixed).

Unfortunately, in America You have the right to remain stupid

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