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Submission + - Yet another patent case going wrong for Microsoft (

Anne Honime writes: "After i4i, it's Alcatel's turn to win a patent dispute against Microsoft. But just like in i4i case, no damages have yet been awarded to the victim of violation. This has put Microsoft PR in full swing to present this drawback as a partial victory. As much as the US like to depict the review of the buyout of Sun by Oracle as protectionism, aren't we seeing here the appeal court lending a helping hand to a convicted monopolist and otherwise untrustable company on the sole basis of it's lobbying power ?"

Submission + - Massive chair migration spotted over Redmond

Anne Honime writes: The European first degree court has backed the European Commission today, reports The register. Microsoft has been fined 497 M for anti-competetive pratice, and this fine will be definitive unless Microsoft form an appeal within 2 months, with a catch : they will be restricted to appeal on legal grounds as factuals one are now considered established. Further reported by elreg, Microsoft has entered a spinning spree. Beware of the chairs !

Submission + - Hello, ZUNiversalE.

Anne Honime writes: Just when you thought it couldn't get worse after the debate on its DRM, Microsoft has signed a deal where they will give back a fee to Universal on every Zune sold ( sic.html?_r=1&ref=business&oref=slogin). Let the bashing begins.

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