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Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 1) 412

Stop assuming people are rational.
Everything counts.

If there are 3 other people of roughly the same skill as you and they will have a slightly higher risk not to take you seriously based on a silly picture?
That can hurt you.

Of course, they can also find it endearing and not hire you.

My point is that personal marketing MATTERS.

Comment Re:Cool (Score 1) 115

X250 (and x260) has got:
1: Chiclet keyboard (you get used to them after a while and they are not THAT horrible).
2: Thinkpad nub.
3: High resolution matte screen.
4: Easy to open bottom, haven't tried replacing/upgrading yet.
5: Decent port selection (2 usb, ethernet, displayport, vga, card reader).
6: One external, one internal battery, and, yes, hot swap is possible.
7: I shut off the trackpad, so I don't know if it would be annoying otherwise.
8: Weight is 2.88 pounds for standard model.

So, well, most of your points are addressed, barring keyboard.
It at least groups the top row, which 230 and 240 didn't.

Comment Re:Ahh, one of those links (Score 1) 19

Bahnhof are a bunch of pranksters.
They do care about personal integrity though, since it's basically their USP.

I did work there for a while, didn't really like the culture.

But, yeah, this is a publicity stunt, which is what brings in customers to them.

They have also criticized what is basically a tax on television by creating a fake tv-channel and lots of other stuff.

They mock the judicial system when it's outdated or just weird regarding IT.

Comment Amazed at 2 weeks (Score 1) 765

The norm in Sweden is 1-3 months.
Goes both ways.

My last working place had 3 months, I gave them 3 months+3 days (well, really just wanted to start the current on a monday).
Heck, even that was a hard time to replace me in (in fact, my boss didn't succeed and the workload had to be spread so I've been consulting for them every now and then to clarify stuff since handover wasn't perfectly handled (the guy I was supposed to give my position with got fired almost instantly since he was a screwup))).

This place has got 1 month, with a progressive scale the longer you work here (up to three months).

Less than a month is only for people paid by hour in one way or another.

Comment Re:Untrue (Score 1) 765

So, you wouldn't say keeping the competence in-house, for a lower wage than hiring new would cost (PLUS not needing to train new people), plus probable extra understanding both ways AND keeping morale high are worthless?

Somewhere being a nice place to work and a place that has your back is economically wonderful.

It's staring blind into numbers and not seeing the people behind them which actually costs more...

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