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Comment Amazed at 2 weeks (Score 1) 765

The norm in Sweden is 1-3 months.
Goes both ways.

My last working place had 3 months, I gave them 3 months+3 days (well, really just wanted to start the current on a monday).
Heck, even that was a hard time to replace me in (in fact, my boss didn't succeed and the workload had to be spread so I've been consulting for them every now and then to clarify stuff since handover wasn't perfectly handled (the guy I was supposed to give my position with got fired almost instantly since he was a screwup))).

This place has got 1 month, with a progressive scale the longer you work here (up to three months).

Less than a month is only for people paid by hour in one way or another.

Comment Re:Untrue (Score 1) 765

So, you wouldn't say keeping the competence in-house, for a lower wage than hiring new would cost (PLUS not needing to train new people), plus probable extra understanding both ways AND keeping morale high are worthless?

Somewhere being a nice place to work and a place that has your back is economically wonderful.

It's staring blind into numbers and not seeing the people behind them which actually costs more...

Comment Re: US disagrees (Score 1) 170

Sweden loves doing that as well.
The data retention act originated in Sweden after Tomas Bodström failed to make ground in applying it here.

Then it came from EU, and we implemented it (not that draconically, but still).
Then the EU court decided that it was unlawful.

And yet we still have it and the only party against it in reality is the pirate party (still well below 1%) and the most notable agent against it is Bahnhof, a private ISP with a flair for dramatic stances on personal privacy.

Comment Re:Might be asking too much (Score 1) 207

To me, it's very interesting that the results of packaging being done right (which was basically done to avoid actual dependancy hell) is now being called dependancy hell.

It's way easier to maintain statically linked libraries, naturally.
That, essentially, is the problem.
Developers taking short-cuts.

This shortcut will be "tons of fun" when every program has an essential security lib which contains a massive security flaw.
Now, instead of updating that lib, every program needs to update it's lib first.
It's no longer properly maintained?
Good luck removing the next heartbleed...

Comment Re:3D film with 2D morality (Score 1) 283

The original script was supposed to be 20-40 minutes of seeing just how crappy earth had become.
Humanity subsisted on algae grown in the oceans and most plant-life was extinct.

Then they kinda realized that beginning a movie like that would have brought it to absurd amounts of time.

Even absurder.

The natives weren't very nice though, unless you consider an intelligent pack of dogs nice...

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