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Submission + - The Failing System of Copyrights and Patents (

Andreaskem writes: New York based filmmaker Kirby Ferguson released the fourth entry in his "Everything is a Remix" series titled "System Failure". It explains in simple terms the problems with modern copyright and the international patent system. Ferguson talks about the cognitive dissonance of companies like Disney, about the prevalence of software patents, and about the emergence of patent trolls. The video is well-produced and appropriate for a wide audience.

Comment Re:Random anecdote (Score 1) 306

I'm participating in a computational physics class this year (Germany) and guess what? About 25% of the students were already using Linux. We all got a Linux introduction (quite a lot of bash stuff, but pretty easy) and a requirement for our C/C++ programs was that they had to compile and run on our lab computers that are running Linux, of course. I've seen quite a lot of new Linux installs and VMs over the course of the semester.

Comment Re:The takedown notice system isn't inherently bad (Score 1) 153

ISP should have nothing to do with this ... (is postal service (carrier) responsible for the drugs/copied CD/DVDs they deliver ????)
notice and notice. where a fundamental constitutional/human right is respected (presumption of innocence). right holder says "hey you're infringing" and here's why.
burden of proof is not on the defendant!

Submission + - Arora browser adds AdBlock support

Andreaskem writes: "The free (as in speech), lightweight, QtWebKit-based browser Arora is now available at version 0.10.0. One of the most significant changes is the addition of AdBlock support. Along with the built-in FlashBlock functionality, this might turn Arora into an interesting alternative for those who consider Firefox to be too bloated."

Apple's WWDC Unveils iPhone 3.0, OpenCL, Laptop Updates, and More 770

Lots of big news from WWDC today including updates to almost all of Apple's laptops. They added a 13-inch version to the MacBook Pro line, updated the MacBook Air, and added a few new ports to some of the machines including an SD slot and firewire 800 port. Software updates saw Safari 4 launched, OS X updates including threading changes, Exchange support to mail, calendar, and address book, and OpenCL a new open graphics standard. The iPhone got quite a bit of love in 3.0, much of it just confirming older news. Cut, copy, and paste, shake to undo, developer APIs, Cocoa Touch support for text, landscape mode updates, spotlight, and MMS all made the bullet list. You will now also be able to rent and purchase movies directly from your iPhone. Other new features in 3.0 include the much debated tethering ability, allowing you to use your iPhone as a cellular modem (unfortunately there was no mention of AT&T actually supporting this feature, a wonder there wasn't a riot), integrated TomTom GPS navigation, and game features galore. New functionality also allows you to locate your iPhone via MobileMe, play a sound to help you locate it (regardless if it is set to silent), and even wipe your data remotely. The New iPhone hardware updates, "3GS", adds a 3 megapixel auto-focus camera, voice interfaces, twice the processing power, and hardware encryption. The 3GS comes in 16GB ($199) and 32GB ($299), pushing the 3G (which they are keeping on the market) to $99. Lots of other small updates amidst the bustle, looks like another successful WWDC.

Submission + - Dark Energy Found Stifling Growth in Universe

Andreaskem writes: ""For the first time, astronomers have clearly seen the effects of "dark energy" on the most massive collapsed objects in the universe using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. By tracking how dark energy has stifled the growth of galaxy clusters and combining this with previous studies, scientists have obtained the best clues yet about what dark energy is and what the destiny of the universe could be." (from"

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