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Comment Re:IPv6 address = person? (Score 1) 214

In theory what was once 1 IP you get is now a /64 block. IPv6 privacy extensions (enabled by default on Windows at least, available everywhere) make your computer generate a new IP every time you use it (still within the block), so it's sort of the same. They can prove it was in your house but not which equipment (unless it's still using the same address...)

Comment Re:IPV6 == no security (Score 1) 214

At least Windows 7 (not sure if Vista) has IPv6 privacy extensions on by default. Sadly, my Galaxy S II not only does NOT have them on by default, but they didn't even compile it into their kernel. On my Linux box I turned it on with a config file. But still, brute force is still unfeasable, it's good for avoiding tracking between networks I suppose.

Comment Re:Doesn't sound that accurate (Score 1) 135

Collecting SSIDs and correlating to locations is completely legal. What happened was that the cars were also (accidentally?) collecting unencrypted wifi data at the same time (and in my opinion, while this was a mistake, what expectation of privacy should you have when you don't spend the 5 seconds it takes to tick 'WPA'?)

Comment Re:Aha! (Score 1) 151

Actually, to be more correct, there's no such thing as a DS modchip. There are however, cards that take microSD and appear to the DS as a genuine DS cart. (At most, in the first years of these carts appearing, the DS firmware was modified to treat certain GBA carts as DS carts, but there were never any modchips or soldering involved.)

Submission + - Call To Halt Donations To Stop Wikipedia Deletions 4

ObsessiveMathsFreak writes: "Howard Tayler, the webcomic artist of Schlock Mercenary fame, is calling on people not to donate money during the latest Wikimedia Foundation fund-raiser, in protest at the "notability purges" taking place throughout Wikipedia, where articles are being removed en-masse by what many see as overzealous admins. The webcomic community in particular has long felt slighted by the application of Wikipedia's contentious Notability policy. Wikinews reporters have recently begun investigating this issue, but are the admins listening? Is Deletionism becoming a dominant ethos on Wikipedia? Are the right people holding the reigns?"

Submission + - Why Everyone Should Hate Cellphone Carriers ( 2

The Byelorrusian Spamtrap writes: "Wired Magazine's made its position clear on the state of play in America's cellular industry, delivering a long, satisfying screed on why all of us should stop complaining and do something about it. Legislation is under consideration in congress to heavily regulate carriers, and it wants you to support it: contact your critter today!"

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