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Submission + - Why Everyone Should Hate Cellphone Carriers ( 2

The Byelorrusian Spamtrap writes: "Wired Magazine's made its position clear on the state of play in America's cellular industry, delivering a long, satisfying screed on why all of us should stop complaining and do something about it. Legislation is under consideration in congress to heavily regulate carriers, and it wants you to support it: contact your critter today!"
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Why Everyone Should Hate Cellphone Carriers

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  • Do a search for "I hate sprint" or "I hate verizon" or "I hate whtever-cell-company-name". Sprint will come up with the most matches.
  • A customer is someone with whom a business has an equal relationship, even respectful of each others needs. A consumer is one that gets what they want/need from the business, for whatever the business can collect, not charge but successfully collect. There is no equality or respect in the second equation.

    Whatever laws may be passed, they will only treat they symptom, not the cause. Some people always feel that they are entitled to whatever they can grab, regardless of the overall effect. Until our spec

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